Iowans: Keep Biden, Dodd and Ricardson in the Race

What if Iowa sent along all the candidates to NH with momentum? What if even the most partisan supporters of Clinton, Obama, and Edwards agreed to knowingly split their votes and keep the top 5 or 6 candidates in a near dead heat in the race?

Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson have shown their expertise, ability and experience. The latest numbers seem to indicate that about 135,000 caucus voters will decide the ‘momentum’ issue going into the New Hampshire primary. These 135,000 people have the power and the ability to shape this election.

Even if you are a bone-deep supporter of one of the top three, since your candidate will always have the ability to continue, split your vote and keep these other good men in the race. It’s best for the Democratic Party and best for the USA.

The USA needs the most effective election in it’s history. I don’t believe we can afford to short change any candidate in a field that has so much talent and experience. How much more effective a choice could voters make when the candidates are campaigning as long as possible?

(Disclosure: Although my first campaign was in 1966, I have not endorsed nor do I work for any candidate at this time. I will write more about the benefits of a multi-candidate convention at another time.)

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