Something Is Brewing for One Candidate… To Be Revealed Monday

Joe Gandleman reported today on 2 emails that have been sent out to political bloggers, apparently, left, right and center, as I received them as well. The email says:

One candidate is about to be challenged – with hard and cold facts, presented cogently by an author, former TV business news editor, decorated military hero and college political science instructor who shares this candidate’s party affiliation – and who has known the candidate personally since their college days.

Next Monday, the truth will be revealed when a book that literally gives “chapter and verse” about this candidate’s less-than-candid candor with the American people.

This book is supported by 10 pages of meticulously-researched end-notes supporting every factual assertion about the candidate’s failure to shoot straight with the American people, and this breach-of-faith’s implications for the Presidency.

If you’re serious about covering the 2008 Presidential campaign, you won’t want to miss this news announcement – and you will want to meet the author.

The mysterious event is to be held on Monday, January 7th at 1:30 p.m., the day of the New Hampshire primary, in the Murrow Room at the National Press Club in Washington. Being a left-coaster, I guess I’ll miss out… thank you. It’s a curious announcement and that the send has pushed this through twice is interesting. I’m not about to make any speculation, but Joe has some here.

Rick Moran of Right Wing Nuthouse thought at first it was about John McCain, but he’s backtracking now, saying he mistook the use of the “swiftboating” terminology. Easy to understand. So it’s anyone’s guess who this is about. And speaking of swiftboating, The Nation revealed this today:

Research by The Nation into Federal Election Commission records of the group’s top twenty donors reveals that they’ve been remarkably active in this cycle, contributing and bundling nearly $200,000 to presidential candidates. This does not bode well. During the last presidential campaign, the wealthy backers of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth–now rebranded as Swift Vets and POWs for Truth–didn’t do their real dirty work until the general election, where as a tax-exempt 527 group they operated outside the restraints of direct campaign contributions. We may wish we were done with the Swift Boaters, but they aren’t done with us.

I guess the bottomline here is we really need to be prepared, well prepared and I agree with the many who have asserted of late that a well vetted candidate is oh, so important.

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One Response to Something Is Brewing for One Candidate… To Be Revealed Monday

  1. Let’s get a hold of your initial source and run with this Pamela!

    The Dem Daily deals in both sides of the spectrum if someone has an opinion or judgment. I just wish the book came out BEFORE Iowa.