Live Blogging The Iowa Caucus

I’m watching Matthews and Olberman on MSNBC.. NBC has just called the GOP caucus for Mike Huckabee. With 40% of the vote in for the Dems, it’s Obama at 33%, 32% for Edwards and Clinton. Apparently, it’s the “values” or evangelical voters again who are picking the candidate for the … Continue reading

Oil, Part 3

Brought to you by BUSHCO, the ultimate in creating chaos. Death and destruction rolls on like it’s stuck on cruise control. Likewise some of it is so predictable that when the story makes the news the only appropriate reaction seems to be “I wonder what took so long?” In its … Continue reading

John Mellencamp On The Stump for Edwards in Iowa

Here’s a look at John Mellencamp on the stump for John Edwards in Iowa yesterday: Oh, those lucky Edwards supporters! H/T to ultraist at DU. Adam Nagourney noted today in the N.Y.Times that domestic issues now outweigh the issue of the Iraq war. If that is the case, Edwards call to … Continue reading