Chris Dodd Won’t Deal His Supporters

Good for Chris Dodd. In the wake of the news yesterday that Dennis Kucinich was urging his supporters in Iowa to make Barack Obama their sceond choice in the caucus, Chris Dodd announced on Wednesday that he would not make a deal for his supporters with any other campaign. Crooks and Liars reports (and has video):

Andrea Mitchell wanted to know who Chris Dodd would support for the presidential nomination because she said there were reports that other candidates who are not considered to be in the top tier are cutting deals. He would have none of that talk and said it was irresponsible for any candidate to cut deals or endorse another candidate because his supporters are—you know—supporting him. She kept pressing the issue, but he didn’t back down. It’s nice to know he won’t be auctioning off his supporters.

Dodd: Yea, I’m totally opposed to that and let me take advantage of the interview Andrea saying don’t make any calls to my office, any campaigns…I didn’t come here and spend a year campaigning in Iowa…working and expect the people who committed themselves to me at my behest and support someone else. They made a decision to be for me and I’m grateful to them.

Also in a press release release the Dodd campaign announced:

Today Dodd assured his audiences that, although his campaign has been approached by several other campaigns, he is not making any deals with other candidates to “exchange” caucus-goers if he or another candidate does not have viability in a precinct.  The Dodd campaign remains confident that Sen. Dodd will make a strong showing all across the state.

“The Iowa caucuses are fundamentally about folks who have done their research, asked the tough questions, and thought seriously about who they want in the chair to lead when the unexpected occurs,” said Dodd.  “Iowans don’t take kindly to being told what to do, whether it’s by the media, celebrities, or the candidates themselves.  It’s not the place of any candidate to tell them what to do after this thorough evaluation process any more than it is of the media’s, and that’s why I want to thank those who will caucus for me and tell all Iowans that I haven’t made any deals with other candidates, nor will I.”

“With 36 hours to go, our entire campaign is focused on getting those folks out to the caucuses who have already pledged their support to Chris Dodd, and help sway the thousands of undecided voters up for grabs,” said Dodd Iowa State Director Julie Andreeff Jensen. “We’ve seen our crowd sizes double in recent days as people focus on who they want in the chair when the unexpected occurs. This race is still not a done deal and any talk of deals at this point is not in line with the spirit of the caucuses.”

Good for Chris Dodd for keeping the spirit of caucuses alive and not cutting any deals with the top tier candidates!  Stay tuned… Caucusing begins in Iowa in a few short hours!

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