Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

There’s no two ways about it. Today’s Round-Up sucks so badly that I first have to start you off with a little ditty to distract you from the complete suckiness of the ten posts that I came across.

I’m sure that you will find this video completely appropriate (if you don’t, then you have bigger issues than Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up can address): Chordettes – Lollipop

We’ll just jump right in and get this over with, I think.

1) How Bush left Texas, so shall he leave the US…in ruins!.–Signs of the Times

2) Why Dizzy is thankful that she works, shops, and dines less than one mile from home…The Democratic Daily

3) Colorado headed for election-based madness, since 3 of 4 types of election machines were recently decertified.Colorado Confidential

4) Now, it appears that even nonfat milk is bad for your health.AMERICAblog

5) Tennessee judge forced to resign over sick, twisted sexual fantasies he recorded years ago.Anything Goes & General News

6) Apparently, all other factors being equal or even superior, if you are an Atheist, you need not apply to adopt children in New Jersey.Time.com

7) Couple banned for life for acting like terrorists: Trying to take pictures of family members in a shopping centre! (That’ll teach those damned terrorists!)The Daily Mail

8.) There is only one county in Texas that will send you away with a ticket if you are busted in possession of a teensy bit o’ “the ganja’. The rest will send you potheads up the river!Reason: Hit & Run

9) Faux Nooz up to their usual tricks…News Hounds

10) According to Brother Pat, God told him that the Chinese are gonna come to Jesus, this year. I guess we’ll have to tune in, next year to see if this prediction fails like all the others (Oops! I didn’t mean to give away the ending!)Wonkette

Wow. That hurt my head. I need another morning cuppa to make up for serious lack of positive in that round-up. At least, I’ve got work tonite, so that will help me affect a proper attitude adjustment.

If you don’t hear from me, please make sure that you are good to yourselves. Make the most of today to give light to a better tomorrow.



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