No Matter Who Loses Iowa, Community Values Win

The candidate who stands for America standing together will win the hearts and minds of a nation craving new leadership. Community values tie Iowa, our nation and our world together.

Check out Sally Kohn’s take on the Iowa caucuses at the Movement Vision Lab:

A recent poll from the Des Moines Register found that many voters are still undecided as we approach the Iowa caucuses [this] evening. But on the issue of values, voters have already made up their minds. Community values are the top priority in this year’s election.

Particularly among likely caucus goers who were registered Democrat (the majority of those polled by the Register), bread-and-butter issues that affect all of us such as the Iraq War, healthcare and the economy are more important to voters than divisive issues spread by fear-mongering. Issues like terrorism, immigration and religious values are really stand-ins for exclusion, isolation and discrimination. But the vast majority of voters — and caucus goers — reject the scapegoating politics of us-versus-them. The majority of voters know we’re all in it together, that we all do better when we all do better, that when we work together to help everyone in our nation and our world, we all benefit. This is the message of this election.

Community values beat strong in the heartland of America. Family farmers know that corporate factory farms hurt local growers in Mexico and in Iowa. Factory workers know that free trade policies have only helped big business but hurt workers in China and in South Carolina. Parents know that the greed of HMOs and drug makers is limiting access to health care in Africa and in Arizona. Across the country and the world, we know that our problems are the same — and so our solutions: to put people before profits and communities before corporations. These are the values Iowans will bring with them to the caucuses Thursday night.

Verne Tigges, a caucus goer from Carroll, Iowa, and a leader with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, summed it up best: “It’s time to put the common good first.” On Thursday, Verne Tigges will caucus for community values.

The Des Moines Register poll indicated that Independents will decide the outcome of the Iowa caucuses. These are the voters who have rejected the divisive mud slinging by political parties bought and sold by the corporate elite. These are the voters who have resisted the myth that the only values are discriminatory, hateful values. These are the voters who have refused to believe that the private sector can solve all our problems and government has no role to play. What do they stand for…

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One Response to No Matter Who Loses Iowa, Community Values Win

  1. Whoever wins tonight can credit a good ground team and lots of TV money.

    I don’t believe Iowa represents a sea-change in American politics!

    I believe the presence of so much talent in our field could represent a sea-change.