Obama’s Grand Speech (VIDEO)… Next Stop NH

“We are one nation, one people and the time for change has come.” – Barack Obama

Obama’s speech was electrifying. At times I felt his voice reminded me of MLK, deep and resonating. Watch it:

The pundits are bouncing off the walls with predictions, but time will tell, as I have said here many times leading up to the start of the primaries. What happens next for Obama depends on many factors and remains to be seen if he can, as Andrei Cherny points out on the HuffPo, turn his win into a “clear road to the Democratic nomination” as John Kerry did four years ago. Cherny adds:

John Edwards may have come in second, but he desperately needed to come in first. His entire candidacy has been staked on a win in Iowa. For all intents and purposes, the Democratic nomination battle is now down to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — and the fight in New Hampshire could well be decisive.

If Barack Obama can follow up his big Iowa victory with a win in New Hampshire, it will be hard — if not impossible — to stop him. But if, like 3rd place finisher George H.W. Bush in 1988, Hillary Clinton can turn around her campaign in the snows of New Hampshire, she will make herself the “Comeback Candidate.”

What a night. Congratulations to Barack Obama. As Arianna Huffington noted early, “everyone has a reason to celebrate tonight.”

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13 Responses to Obama’s Grand Speech (VIDEO)… Next Stop NH

  1. alrudder says:

    I guess the Des Moines Register pollster was right (I sure wasn’t).

    What must John Kerry be thinking right now? He gave Obama his launching pad at the last convention. JK must be thinking , he could have beaten Edwards tonight and been in 3rd place. Remember he was in pole position on Iraq and Climate change. He also had a good enough economic/domestic agenda. And he is ready to be CinC more than Obama and Hillary.

  2. Alrudder

    I’m glad I am not the only one feeling bittersweet tonight. I’m surprised at the turn out but wonder what NH will bring.

  3. alrudder says:

    NH doesn’t want to be shown up by IA. Also voting is much easier in a primary, so NH will be heavy. The question is how the Independents split among Obama, McCain, and Romney.

    PS we Californians will be getting our absentee ballots on Monday. So California will play in this excitement.

  4. I am a Mormon and Republican who is watching the Democratic race very carefully. If Huckabee takes the Republican party’s nomination, I will be voting for whomever your party has nominated. (Send me a sign and I will stick it up in my front yard.)

    I know very few Mormons who would be willing to support someone they feel has run on a subversive anti-Mormon platform. (Myself included.)

    The Republican party takes for granted that we will just get behind anyone they put in front of us. Not this time.

    What do you know – Huckabee may singlehandedly do what was thought the impossible: He may turn Utah into a blue state. (Not that anyone really cares because we have so few electoral votes.)

    I was was undecided before Iowa results were posted, but now I don’t even know what color my shirt is.

  5. Sad Republican

    You may want to stick around here… Huckabee has the pundits clamouring tonight.

  6. Alrudder

    I imagine the turnout will equally high in NH. I was astounded to hear how much higher it was this year in Iowa. If I am not mistaken Olberman or Matthews or someone noted tonight there are not as many independents in NH. And who knows, Clinton was polling higher there as of the last day or so, so she may still surprise everyone in NH.

    I was saddened to see Dodd and Biden drop out but this race had already been decided between Obama and Clinton it seems.

  7. Pamela,

    So I noticed. I’ve already been pounced on.

    Thanks for the welcome!

  8. john stone says:

    I am from Iowa and I was surprised about the Caucus Results.I too, wonder what will happen in New Hampshire.
    One of the happiest nights of my life was when John Kerry won the Iowa Caucus in 2004.
    I don’t feel the enthuasim now, that I felt then.

  9. Sad Republican

    You are always welcome here. We’re not your average liberal blog.

  10. John Stone

    Will you spill the beans… and tell us WHO you caucused for?

    The night definitely didn’t have the same feel it did 4 years ago.

  11. john stone says:


    I caucused for Hillary Clinton. I also did a lot of work for her Campaign. I said I was going to give it up, after JK decided not to run. Some friends who worked for Kerry asked me to help them with the Clinton Campaign, and I’m glad I did.

    John Stone

  12. John Stone

    Good to hear – I’m of the frame of mind that Clinton has a lot to offer. I know many Kerry supporters are split between Clinton and Obama – in the end we all just want a Dem in the White House.

  13. Darrell Prows says:

    I like John Edwards for Attorney General, but I really like him for the Supreme Court. For President not so much.

    Does Richardson go V.P. for whoever?