Richardson NOT Set to Send Obama Second-Choice Support

Chase Martyn reported late last on the Iowa Independent that Bill Richardson was set to send Obama his supporters as a second choice move.

Gov. Bill Richardson’s campaign is expected to direct their supporters to caucus for Sen. Barack Obama in the second round of voting at Thursday’s caucuses in precincts where he is not viable.  Two sources familiar with the plan told Iowa Independent that the New Mexico Governor’s organizers have been instructed to direct supporters to Obama in the places where they fail to reach the 15% threshold for viability.

As readers know, Dennis Kucinich has already cut a deal with Barack Obama, and Chris Dodd said loud and clear yesterday he would NOT make a deal to send his supporters to any other candidate. Well, it turns out that the Richardson deal that Chase Martyn reported isn’t in the works:

[Ed. note: For about ten minutes when this story was first published, it asserted that there was a mutual agreement between the Richardson and Obama campaigns to swap supporters in precincts where one was not viable.  This, it turns out, resulted from a misunderstanding that has since been cleared up.  There is no deal between the two campaigns; there is only a strategic decision — one which makes complete sense — on the part of the Richardson campaign about where to direct its supporters if their group is not viable in certain precincts.]

There’s all sorts of rumors flying around on caucus day. TPM Election Central reported a similar story from the HuffPo about Joe Biden, that also turned out to be false. It’s anyone’s guess at this point what will really happen tonight.

Spin everywhere you look. Stay tuned…

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One Response to Richardson NOT Set to Send Obama Second-Choice Support

  1. Good reporting today, Pam. Keep it up.

    Bless, Dodd. Hang in there to ALL the candidates.

    Screw the Iowa Caucus system. Let’s let a majority of America vote with a full field to choose from….

    Sorry to Iowans but it just doesn’t make good sense.

    I’ll be glued to the TV at 5PM tonight.