Sleep Deprivation Sets In For The Candidates

While all eyes are on the last minute ads and campaign stops in Iowa, Mark Leibovich reports in the N.Y.Times (via Megite), that the “epic fight now is against sleep deprivation.” Sleep deprivation is that “gaffe-inducing monster that looms over every campaign in its final hours.” Beware of foot in mouth…

We had 300 people outside, literally freezing to death,” Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton marveled on Tuesday before a crowd in Iowa City. (No deaths were reported, in fact.)

“I won’t remember Iowans,” Mitt Romney declared in Altoona the other day before his wife, Ann, corrected him. (He meant that he would “never forget” Iowans.)

Mike Huckabee offered his “apologies” last week over the killing of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan. (He meant “sympathies,” his campaign clarified.)

Sleeping much?

“Obviously, I could use more than I am getting,” said Mr. Huckabee, who is down to about four hours a night.

“He’s like a machine,” said Janet Huckabee, who was watching her husband work an Elks Lodge on Tuesday in Cedar Rapids.

Going for long periods with out sleep can cause anyone to “can falter or crash,” especially candidates. And if they don’t falter or crash, “at the very least, their defenses will be lowered, and less-guarded beings will emerge, which can be fun to watch.” Well no one really wants to see their favorite candidate step in it because they are dog tired. I can’t help but marvel on how these politicians keep up while on the road.

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