Joe Biden Rips The Media

I ran across this piece below a while ago and was impressed with Joe Biden’s candor with the media about the media and the state of the ’08 race. It’s something that Stuart has mentioned here frequently in recent weeks and I’m glad to see Biden speaking up and ripping the media on making this race about “celebrity” (emphasis mine):  

The Times’ Peter Wallsten asked the veteran senator why he and other candidates, such as Connecticut’s Sen. Chris Dodd, with long records of government experience somehow could never find their way out of the bottom rungs of the Democratic race.

“This,” said Biden, “is about celebrity. You’ve never given any of us a chance. You know in your heart I’m more qualified than any of these guys up top. I know you can’t say yes or no, but I know you know.”

He charged that The Times and other newspapers rarely mentioned him in political stories, ensuring his lackluster performance and obscurity. When a reporter suggested that Biden had a chance to make his case to Iowa voters, he shot back that it was a dishonest assertion.

“Don’t be a phony, OK?” he said.

Good for Joe Biden. Two incredibly talented and qualified candidates bowed out of the race last night because the media was too busy covering the “rock star” and the “former first lady.”

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3 Responses to Joe Biden Rips The Media

  1. S J Fallon says:

    I was one the people who organized a pledge drive for Joe Biden to take place on January 1’st. How is it possible that the on-line community, with only one week’s notice, was able to come up with over $100,000 in hard cash, over a two-day period, for a candidate who was not “viable.” The Media shut out the serious contenders to make room for more and more silly antics. That Blizter in his “Situation Room” looks like a ringmaster in an electronic circus.

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  3. Great catch in publishing this story, Pam. I’m very happy to see Biden, and I hope Dodd, begin the process of reminding the press they are supposed to report the news, not edit it.