O’Reilly Gets Pushy With Obama Staffer

There was a touchy situation this morning in the gym at Nashua North High School after an Obama rally with Bill O’Reilly and an Obama staffer. The Obama staffer wasn’t just any staffer however, it was Marvin Nicholson, John Kerry’s former body man:

Bombastic Fox News host Bill O’Reilly got into a confrontation with an Obama aide after O’Reilly started screaming at him as he tried to get Barack Obama’s attention following a rally here.

Reuters captured this photo:


Lynn Sweet reports, “The incident was triggered when O’Reilly–with a Fox News crew shooting–was screaming at Obama National Trip Director Marvin Nicholson “Move” so he could get Obama’s attention, according to several eyewitnesses.

O’Reilly was yelling at him, yelling at his face,” a photographer shooting the scene said.

O’Reilly grabbed Nicholson’s arm, said “move” and shoved him, another eyewitness said. Nicholson, who is 6’8 said O”Reilly called him “low class.”

Secret Service agents came after O’Reilly pushed Nicholson and the agents flanked O’Reily.

Obama had his back turned at this point and did not see any of this. O’Reilly yelled “sir” at Obama and Obama walked over, not aware of what happened and told him he had an overflow crowd to visit. According to the time code from a photographer shooting the two, Obama and O’Reilly talked about 12 seconds near 11:45 a.m. eastern time.

This 2nd photo from Reuters shows Obama talking to O’Reilly after the incident (oh to be a fly on the wall):


Anyone who knows Nicholson, via the ’04 Kerry campaign, knows Marvin is just as nice as they come.  Shame on O’Reilly. What a piece of scum. Pushing around staff members is not the right way to go about getting a story.

The Obama campaign should bar Bill O’Reilly from covering any other events.

Big Head DC is trying to claim Marvin Nicholson is blowing the incident out of proportion and that “at no point was Secret Service involved.” Bull shit. There’s photo’s showing the Secret Service stepping in and showing O’Reilly clearly reiled up. FYI, Big Head DC, the tall guy with his back to the camera wearing a black shirt is Marvin Nicholson.

NBC’s Mark Hudspeth quotes Marvin Nicholson:

I’ve worked two campaigns, and I’ve never had a member of the press lay hands on a staff member before,” Nicholson said.

And TV Newswer (also claiming NO Secret Service involvement – WTF)) notes:

O’Reilly’s comments about all this, and the videotape of the incident, will be on Fox News this afternoon during the 3pmET hour.

The photos above taken by Reuters speak loud and clear about O’Reilly’s actions.

UPDATE 10:41 pm pst: Hours later this story is still abuzz on Memeorandum and it’s been reported by CBS, CNN, Slate, and the N.Y. Times blog The Caucus who felt inclined to add a response from Bill O’s producer, essentially claiming Marvin wouldn’t move so it must have been okay for Bill O’ to push him out of the way. WTF? 

For more on Marvin Nicholson, see this great piece from the N.Y. Times during the ’04 election: “Meet Marvin Nicholson Jr., chief of stuff.”

UPDATE 2: Marvin Nicholson talks to CNN about the incident with Bill O’Reilly:

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14 Responses to O’Reilly Gets Pushy With Obama Staffer

  1. Rich says:

    Bill O’Reilly should stick to what he knows best, how to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit & pretend that it will be forgotten…

    Well, Mr. O. we will never forget it…

    What a piece of trash O’Reilly is….The Secret Service agents should have arrested him…

  2. beachmom says:

    Ugh. Fox News is going to splice and dice the video to try to smear Marvin. All I can say about O’Reilly: NOT a gentleman.

  3. Beachmom

    I’m so glad I found the photos because they should O’Reilly is clearly pissed off and the Secret Service stepping in.

  4. democrafty says:

    “O’Reilly was yelling at him, yelling at his face”

    This Must have required a step stool 🙂

  5. Democrafty

    LOL! No kidding huh. I remember one time wearing flat shoes to a Kerry event and looking up at Marvin saying “damn I fell short.”

  6. firerobin says:

    Things seem to always get blown out of proportion when it comes to the media and Bill.

  7. YvonneCa says:

    This is one of those times I wish our Democrats screened their audience (like Bush does). Having an O’Reilly there is scary. I’m glad Marvin is okay…he’s such a nice person.

  8. YvonneCa

    I was looking at the photo again a while ago and thought to myself how lame Bill O’ looked with his chin jutting out, and posturing like a tough guy. I get the feeling from the photo also that Marvin is just looking at him smiling as only Marvin can do so well. They do say a picture speaks a thousand words.

  9. YvonneCa says:


    I agree with you. I can just imagine that Marvin was smiling, doing his job and enjoying the event…probably used to having rude people pop up once in a while…when SUDDENLY he hears this rude, obnoxious person and glances over his shoulder to recognize O’ Reilly. He was probably pretty amused by it all. 🙂

  10. YvonneCa

    No doubt he was amused, as all of us who know him were a bit amused while being astounded by Bill O’s behavior.

  11. john stone says:

    i have met Marvin many times and he is a nice guy. I have not met Bill O’Reilly, but I have watched his belligerent performances many times on Fox. Well, not that many times, because Fox and O’Reilly make me sick O’Reilly fits in with the rest of the Fox goons!

  12. This 6’8″ Obama thug was intentionally blocking O’Reilly’s shot and he got exactly what he deserved. Freedom of the press anyone? My question is, Why is Barack Obama so scared or Bill O’Reilly? Oh right. Because he’s all style and no substance. Sorry. I forgot.

  13. Falling Panda

    There is nothing in the Constitution or laws in this country that says freedom of the press includes giving members of the media the right to push anyone out of camera view that they please. What the F are you smoking?

    Marvin Nicholson, who is working his 2nd presidential campaign and is fully vetted by the Secret Service, was doing his job “shadowing” Obama on the rope line. For the uninformed like yourself, that means providing security.

    You and Bill O’ both need to grow up and get a clue.

  14. YvonneCa says:

    Falling Panda

    Did you fall on your head? Your self control and civility (lack of both) reminds me of the tased Florida student.