The Impulse To Defend Hillary

I couldn’t say this any better than Kevin Drum and Big Tent Democrat on Talk Left, so I’m going to let them say it all. Big Tent Democrat:

Kevin Drum explains it well:

As long as we’re laying our cards on the table, this is one of the things that keeps me on Hillary’s side regardless of anything to do with issues or tactics or rhetoric or anything else. I just hate the idea that the fever swamp has been able to turn a perfectly decent liberal woman into such an object of malign loathing. If she loses, then she loses. But by God, I don’t want her to lose because millions of Schiffren’s fellow travelers have carried on a 15-year vendetta of sick-minded smears and hatred. Enough’s enough.

Be against Hillary. Criticize her stances, actions and political style. But by gawd, the libelous things that get said about her, not just by Republicans, but by Democrats and especially, by the Media (See Tweety) just set my teeth on edge.

It is terrible that she will be defeated because of this. I did not want her to win for many reasons. Most of them due to her cautious approach to politics. But that is not why she is going to lose. It will be due to just plain untruths. And that is not right.

We all know what the Republican Noise Machine did to John Kerry in ’04 (and since). And as I pointed out here earlier, the media sure as hell did not give Joe Biden or Chris Dodd a fair shot in this race. It totally ticks me off to see people buying into the anti-Clinton spin. Kevin Drum is right. She’s “perfectly decent liberal woman” and honestly, she’s got the voting record to prove it. It’s one thing to disagree with her on a vote or an issue — No Senator is perfect, but when I see members of our own party repeating the spin, it’s disheartening at best.

So, I agree with Kevin Drum and Big Tent Democrat. Enough of the untruths.

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6 Responses to The Impulse To Defend Hillary

  1. If Hillary loses it will not be because of the evil myths about her. It will instead be about her constant triangulation on issues, her fealty to corporate America and her militancy on foreign policy issues. I have supported her with time and money but have become disillusioned by her poor response to criticism, her dishonesty in debates and the machine-like nature of her campaign. Where is Hillary herself, as a believer in: social justice, in taking care of our children and elderly, in stopping political corruption, in restraining the military-industrial-congressional complex and in restoring our environment? And when is she going to bring down the shields and remove that stick from her ass? God, she is just so wound up with scripts about what she is supposed to do and say. It is nerve racking watching her speak. Nothing unscripted leaves her lips. That is why Hillary will continue to lose, because she can’t relax and convey her authentic vision. That is a shame.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Unfortunately the Swift Boat Liars pulled the media down to their level and dirty politics was admired by the media as winning politics in 2004. I hope this election is different. I think people know John Kerry was treated unfairly and want a campaign that is positive. My two cents opinion is that Sen. Kerry should help Sen. Obama, give him some support/guidance through the system even if it is in the background for now. After all John Kerry introduced Sen. Obama nationally at the 2004 election. I am interested in seeing what Sen. Kerry does. I respect John Kerry opinion and honesty , and is one of the most progressive Persons (with a big P) in the Country. Sen. Kerry doesn’t owe the Clintons and Edwards anything.

    I don’t want to be mean but the description of Sen. Clinton as a “percently decent liberal women” is not true. And both of Clintons never strongly defended John Kerry, it was always halfway, with the cravat that such a thing would never happen to them.

  3. wisteria says:

    Senator Clinton has been so abused by the RW and some in the media that it has done real damage to her. It has gotten so bad and so obvious that they are out to destroy her that I can’t help but actually feel sorry for her. The rise of certain other Democrrats come in part because she has been so bitterly attacked. She has proven to me though that she is one tough lady.

  4. Wisteria

    I agree – She’s one tough lady and that’s one of the things I really like about her. The media really does make me sick – just look at Bill O’s behaior today in NH.

  5. John says:

    Negative politics is the rule, and not just for Hillary. I think for most folks, like me, electing HRC would be too close to violating the 22nd Amemdment. She and Bill had eight years in the White House. I won’t vote for another Clinton until Chelsea decides to run.

  6. Nick says:

    Even if the Clinton’s had been enthusaistic supporters of Kerry, and they weren’t, it would still be hard to support Hillary. Reason being: What Bill did to the Dems.
    If God is as great an FDR admirer as I am then I’m probably about to be struck by lightning but the truth must be said that George Will is right……… (Alright, no lightning, I’m good). Will noted that Clinton came with Democratic Majorities in the House, Senate, governorships, and state legislatures… and left with majorities in NONE of them. I might add that even the hapless Jimmy Carter left with Democratic majorities on every level of government save the Senate, and the Democrats won that back when the class of ’80 came up for re-election in 1986.

    By the way, the chairman of the DSCC in 1986 and was in charge of electing Democrats to the Senate that year (like Schumer was in(2006)? Sen. John F. Kerry