Kerry Endorsement Rumor

A rumor that John Kerry will soon be endorsing Barack Obama popped up the blogosphere, as CNN reports that Obama has picked up his Iowa bounce and has jumped ahead of Clinton in NH.

I’m not sure how much weight the rumor holds, that Kerry will endorse Obama soon, other than it may just be some conventional wisdom at this point (which I will explain below). But here’s what Al Giordano is reporting over at The Field

Smith, blogging Bill Bradley’s Obama endorsement this morning, says “keep an eye out for Kerry, Kennedy, Gore.”

The Field has learned that the Obama campaign has at least one of those “big three” endorsements – yes, stay calm, I’ll tell you which in a moment if you haven’t figured it out already – fired up and ready to go, but apparently feels it doesn’t need to roll the big guns out in order to win New Hampshire. […]

If Obama wins New Hampshire, look for one or more to soon test the “it’s time for all of us to unite behind our party’s eventual nominee” trial balloon. Pressure on Clinton to drop out of the race before February 5th will be intense, including from within the New York state Democrats.

On the other hand, part of the delay may be that, with John Kerry’s coming Obama endorsement (you heard it here first on The Field), the Obama campaign may want to simultaneously send out a fund appeal to his three-million-strong fundraising list from 2004. And that takes a bit longer to stamp and lick all those envelopes than simply calling a press conference.

While it may be conventional wisdom to some that Kerry will endorse Obama, at this point, I’m afraid it’s probably rumor and innuendo until a true annoucement comes down from either the Obama campaign or the Kerry camp.

And for what it’s worth, my Kerry sources tell me they’ve “never seen this blog before” (The Field) and left it that Kerry still hadn’t decided. If I had seen this on TPM, I might take it a little more seriously.

I had told a couple of friends recently that I had figured that Kerry and probably Kennedy too, may just hold off with their endorsements until after NH. They have held off this long, I think the impact will be greater once we see how NH plays out for the 3 frontrunners.  

Giordano’s assertion that there will be pressure for Clinton to drop out before Mega Tuesday is also a bit much. Both Clinton and Edwards have made it clear they are in this for the haul. I expect to see a battle with no one backing down too easily.

Stay tuned…

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4 Responses to Kerry Endorsement Rumor

  1. Personally, I don’t believe a word. If Senator Kerry were to wait for the last moments to make an endorsement it would only damage his image as a leader.

    A leader doesn’t wait for the parade to be formed. He demands the parade and happily leads it.

    It’s very likely, KerryGoddess, that you have better sources in the Kerry camp than anyone outside the Traditional Press. Time to really lean on them.

  2. vert22 says:


  3. Stuart

    I’m actually glad Kerry is staying out of the fray at this point.

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