Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

It’s official.  The election season is in full swing, with two caucuses (Iowa and Wyoming) behind us and one right in front of us (New Hampshire).

A lot of people are very excited that Barack Obama has pulled an early lead ahead of John Edwards and Hillary Clinton.  And it looks like Obama is seeing a nice boost or surge, if you will, from this early election season victory.

Despite all the endorsements of candidates like Obama, Edwards, Kucinich and even Ron Paul, from many of my favorite bloggers, I’m still sitting this current season out.  I’m not on the fence about any candidate.  In fact, I’m inside my “gated community” looking out to see which of these candidates is going to really rise up and impress me enough to say “Vote for that guy…or gal…”.  Even my husband has his favorite (Ron Paul), but despite being married to an avowed and proud Paul supporter, I’m not sold on any of the likely or even the second tier candidates.  There are most definitely candidates that would ONLY get my vote in a rigged election *cough*HuckaRoMcCain*cough*, but right now I’m sticking with “N.O.T.A.” (none of the above).

Because I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed by all the press coverage of the candidates and the caucuses and primaries and totally underwhelmed by most of the candidates I found this youtube that pretty much expresses how this time of election season makes me feel:  Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb (1980)

Following along with me as I tell you how I feel about today’s ten posts in the Round-Up:

1: Spring must be on it’s way because I’m noticing the political closet (especially the Republican wardrobe) is full of XL flip-flops.

McCain Falsely Claims He Has ‘Never Asked For A Single Earmark Or Pork Barrel Project’ For His StateThink Progress

2: “I Spy” a possible “Dream Team” for Election 2008.

It is possibledriftglass

3: Musharraf is blaming the victim for her own assassination.

Musharraf: Bhutto to blame for her assassinationCNN.com

4: Another reason Dizzy is glad that she no longer subscribes to print newspapers.

Sunday’s Print Run Of Parade Intimates That Benazir Bhutto Is Still AliveThe Huffington Post

5: Just in time to take the attention off of the deplorable economy and the presidential contenders, here comes a new Al Qaeda video.

Propaganda Alert!: American Al Qaeda Leader To Bush: ‘We Will Be Waiting For You’Signs of the Times

6: Polls show that, in New Hampshire, Clinton should maybe be concerned about Obama’s boost from Iowa.

Clinton campaign fears loss in NH and evidence grows of Obama’s bounce from IowaAMERICAblog

7: The Supreme Court will be looking into whether there is a “more humane” way to kill death row inmates.

Court takes up lethal injection caseAnything Goes & General News

8: Bill O’Reilly makes an ass of himself…and NOT on Fox News!

Video of O’Reilly calling Obama staffer an “SOB” and “low class”Crooks and Liars

9: Former presidential contender, George McGovern, calls for the impeachment of both Bush and Cheney.

McGovern calls for IMPEACHMENTGet Your Own

10: Since transgendered woman was not born with breasts, Catholic Hospital refuses to allow breast augmentation surgery. But, if she were a woman born with breasts delivered by “God”, then it’s OK.

The Way God Made YouShakesville

Speaking of boobs…

I’ll be glad when the caucuses and primaries are over.


(Dizzy Dayz)

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3 Responses to Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

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  2. vert22 says:

    Copied Op-Ed Recent Article

    The Perfect Storm that is named – How Hillary Lossed her “Lock” on the Democratic Nomination

    Some may say it all started with that weird “Jump the Shark” Soprano’s skit she did with Bill. Everyone (both Democrats and Republicans) kind of cocked their heads to the side, looked up to the skies, and said “what is up with that!”.

    Then came the news leak that Give ‘Em Hill had sent private eye’s out to “neutralize” any and all of the many women that we can all call “Bill’s gropings”. This was quickly followed with the some “contribution problems” that Hillary does not have to explain. lt is “No Big Deal”. Sweep it under the rug. Now quickly act as if the weather is not changing.

    The storm started to really take shape when her opponents in the democratic debates started “piling on” to point out her shortcomings. “Follow the Money Trail” they say while pointing at Hillary. This turbulance started making her seem like a candidate that could be beat. The same people who were piling on at the debates were the same top brass from her own party. They knew deep down that she was percieved as “unlikable” by the general public. This could turn into “unelectable”. The winds and the rain kept getting worse.

    A major then problem came about when Hillary’s campaign was exposed for planting questions at town hall meetings. Let’s call it an upper lever disturbance.

    Even more winds of change were on the way. Elliot Spitzer is forced to drop his push for his bill to let “illegals” have the ability to get a valid license the day before a major debate. He did this to help the Clinton cause. This was very obvious to even a liberal press. The press aired the findings quickly. Spitzer had just met with Bill Clinton. This just did not make matters from a P.R. standpoint better for Hillary. No sunshine in sight. This is not the type of action that is expected from Elliot Spitzer…ever!

    The storm shifted into high gear when the whole democratic message turned to “CHANGE” in American politics. Edwards and Obama did a great job in making the point that BUSH ’88 -CLINTON ’92 – CLINTON ’96 – BUSH ’00 – BUSH ’04 – AND THEN CLINTON in ’08 is not “CHANGE”. The storm intensifies to Category 2 Hurricane Status for Hillary when Obama points out that Hillary voted for the war. Hillary, the democrat and politician, truly helped vote the U.S. into the war. Is she the same democrat stating that she is making great decisions? Is she the best poster child for the democrats now? Can you say flood insurance?

    Just when the weather system looked like things could not get much worse for the Clinton camp…Here comes the Iowa resultsin like thunder. #1 Obama, #2 Edwards, and going down to #3 with some momentum in the wrong direction is …Hillary. Is that hail???

    No one seems to be pointing out that all of this time, the writers strike is still going on. Bad weather report. This hurts the liberal side of things. NBC’s shows, ABC’s shows, HBO’s shows, Bill Maher, John Stewart, and all of the liberal sit-coms from Hollywood are shows mainly written by liberals trying to convey liberal points. Not happening. Not helping Hillary. Do not put the umbrella away yet.

    The FaceBook debate did not help matters because Hillary came across like she was bitter that Obama won Iowa. In the New Hampshire debate, she starts to attack Obama. It is obvious to viewers that now she considers Obama as big a threat to her nomination as ever. This just makes her look less likeable and more like a sore loser. This storm just seems to follow Hillary right into the new year.

    As the rain pours down, Hillary’s ‘failed smile’ is in full effect. SHE now has to convince America that Obama is not the right candidate. Obama is Americas shining political star on democratic side. The same Obama that is standing in glorious sunshine. The type of sunshine that you see in Hawaii. The type of sunshine that can stay around for a long time.

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