Finally, in Fatigue and Frustration, We See The Authentic Hillary

Hillary Clinton, during a Q&A session after a short speech, was asked, “How do you do it?” She gave an heartfelt response that may have finally revealed the real Hillary Clinton. Some are calling it a ‘weak moment’. I’d call it a great moment of honesty and authenticity. Even if you are a confirmed Hillary-hater, watch this 111 seconds of tape. You may find something you didn’t expect. I did.

I only wish she had found, in her evident fatigue, this authentic voice much sooner. If she had many of us might have viewed her candidacy very differently. I hope she realizes the personal power of what happened in these few seconds.

If she continues the format she used today: a short speech and lot of Q&A , it will be effective. That format gives her, and any other politician, the chance to be honest and direct with voters by answering the questions they want answered. I’m not a Hillary supporter but she’s impressed the hell out me today.

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9 Responses to Finally, in Fatigue and Frustration, We See The Authentic Hillary

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  2. Pedro Almodovar says:

    Oh Puhhlllleasssse. Jessica Simpson acted better in “The Dukes of Hazard.” Just from her comments, you know that this was planned. Well, I guess if Reagan was an actor, why not Hillary.

  3. Pedro Almodovar

    Having seen John Kerry express true heartful emotion on the campaign trail, up close and personal, I have no doubt that this was heartfelt and honest from Clinton. Candidates do have emotions and are a lot more sensitive to the people than most give them credit for.

  4. YvonneCa says:


    And that human side of our Democratic candidates is the main reason I’ll be okay with our final nominee…whether it be Obama, Clinton, Edwards, or… Hillary Clinton is not the enemy. And she was a GREAT first lady. 🙂

    Of course, JK would have been best! 🙂

  5. Darrell Prows says:

    I think that people with a short perspective view the Clinton Presidency less positively than those of us who rode out Nixon, Reagan, and Daddy Bush waiting for any ray of sunlight.

    And then there’s the fact that Slick Willie turned in the only budget surpluses of my entire adult life. If I knew that Hillary had that in her I’d move heaven and earth to try to get her in.

  6. YvonneCa says:


    I think you may be right about that short perspective. After all those Rep. administrations, Bill Clinton was such a ‘ray of sunlight’ to many of us. The Clintons had their faults…but they were FOR the middle class. They both understood my life back then. And I’m pretty sure Hillary DOES have it in her to turn this economy around. 🙂

  7. Darrell

    I’m with YvonneCa, I think Hillary gets it about the ecomony and she’s got the experience to make it happen. The economy sucks and frankly I want more than promises of hope. I had hope when JK was running, now I am just plain disgusted.

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  9. Andy Witmyer says:

    It’s interesting that as soon as polls come out and reveal that most people think of Hillary’s style as little more than mechanical, she comes out and does this. Although, I do think a part of her is indeed irritated and frustrated about the Obama camp upending her entitlement to the nomination, I can’t for even a moment accept that her “emotional display” was a little more than political calculation. One that will probably backfire on her in tonight’s primary.