The Sexist Spin Gets Deeper

Stuart posted the video below of Hillary Clinton’s tearful moment on the campaign trail in New Hampshire today. I got to say, I am just downright disgusted at the sexist spin over this. Downright disgusted. And what respect I had managed to muster for John Edwards message of late… well, that is down the tubes at this point after the comment he made. As Matt Stoller noted in his post about this, “Todd Gitlin is right – John Edwards is acting like a prick.” What the hell is wrong with people?

I think Tom Watson makes some good points in his post about the sexist way the media is handling Hillary Clinton. Essentially, Watson notes that the Democratic Party needs to step up to the plate and decry this crap. I think he’s right. It’s time for women to stand up and ask the good old boys club… Dudes… where’s my party. Because if we allow the media to treat Hillary Clinton like this we haven’t come a long way, baby.

There’s a lot of outrage in the liberal and progressive blogosphere about this tonight and it doesn’t all come from solid Clinton supporters. No, in fact it comes from bloggers who see the sexist spin for what it is and they, like me are disgusted. See: Digby on Hullabaloo, John Cole on Balloon Juice, Amanda on Pandagon and Michael Stickings on The Reaction.

Honestly the more the media and Hillary haters diss her, the more respect I have for her. We’ve spent decades fighting to have a place at the table, damn it. And right now, Hillary Clinton is “running to break through the highest and hardest glass ceiling,” there is, as she noted today at another campaign event, that was, I will add, rudely interupted by a couple of sexist jerks.

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2 Responses to The Sexist Spin Gets Deeper

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  2. john stone says:

    I have seen tears on the campaign trail before and I am just an activist. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.
    When you see staffers who have become your friends crushed and devastated, let alone the candidate, there might be some tears. I went to seen John Kerry in Des Moines in December 2004 after the election ,there were some tears. Seeing John Kerry, the man that should have been President and thinking about the clown who is President how could there not be.
    Hillary Clinton has a right to some emotion, just like anyone else!