McCain Takes New Hampshire

NBC and The NY Times have called it for John McCain: Sen. John McCain won New Hampshire’s Republican primary Tuesday, defeating former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and climbing back into contention for the party’s presidential nomination.   […] “We showed the people of this country what a real comeback looks like,” … Continue reading

Clinton Camp Shakeup

There’s been rumblings all day about a shakeup in the Clinton campaign including false rumors reported by Faux News, that Begala and Carville were jumping in.  The Begala – Carville to the rescue story has been debunked and now Chris Cillizza on The Fix reports:  Maggie Williams, a longtime Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

Them Uppity Women

Building on posts from Pamela (here and here) and others, Gloria Steinem makes a devastating charge in this morning’s NYT, arguing that Women are Never the Front-Runners: “But what worries me is that [Obama] is seen as unifying by his race while [Clinton] is seen as divisive by her sex.”What … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Goodness gracious, are things heating up in New Hampshire.  Voting has already been going on for hours, at this point. Things are getting down and dirty. I hope there are plenty of hip-waders for all of us, because it is getting deep. We’ll get into all of that, soon enough. … Continue reading

First Votes Cast In NH

As is tradition in New Hampshire, the first votes in the New Hampshire primary were cast at Midnight in Dixville Notch and Hart’s Location.  Four years ago, the two towns favored Wesley Clark, but as we all know it was John Kerry who was the winner of the New Hampshire primary.