Clinton Camp Shakeup

There’s been rumblings all day about a shakeup in the Clinton campaign including false rumors reported by Faux News, that Begala and Carville were jumping in.  The Begala – Carville to the rescue story has been debunked and now Chris Cillizza on The Fix reports: 

Maggie Williams, a longtime Hillary Clinton confidante, is reportedly being brought on to coordinate the campaign’s activities. Insiders have urged campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle to stay on, but no decision have been made, according to campaign insiders.

Williams served as Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff during Bill Clinton’s first term and has remained close to the former first lady ever since.

Stay tuned… While some (Hillary haters and Obama supporters) would like to see Hillary Clinton so quietly into the good night if she doesn’t fare well in today’s primary, I have said here already I don’t believe she will or should for that matter. There’s rumors, rumors and more rumors today.

The entire purpose of the primaries is to let the voters decide and 1 caucus and 1 primary is no decision. The rumors swirling are ridiculous and quite frankly incredibly bad for the process. Let the voters decide.

Greg Sargent has a little more on the shakeup here.

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