Clinton Leads in NH – Still Too Close To Call!

It’s still too close to call, but Hillary Clinton is leading with 65% of the precincts in. (Updating as the results change)

Per CNN: Clinton has 39% of the vote, Obama 37% and Edwards 17%.

With the race as tight as it is between Clinton and Obama, folks claiming Obama was a shoe-in after Iowa might want to re-think that. Even if the outcome shifts for Obama, it’s clear this race in NH is between the two and thoser ready to write off Clinton spoke far too soon.  

On MSNBC, Nora O’Donnell is talking about the Democratic exit polls. Hillary at that this has a double digit lead on the women voters, who had a massive turn out in NH today (Olbermann: 57% of the voters in NH were women).

Scarborough on MSNBC: “Gloria Steinhem had it dead right in the NY Times OP/ED today.”

Consensus from the MSNBC pundits on Obama… “There should not be a coronation” 5 days after Iowa.

Wes Clark on Hillary: “She’s got game… She reached out… she connected.”… “She’s been in the forefront of change for women and children for a generation.”

Chuck Todd: “Obama people are worried, more Independents went to McCain.”

Richardson is staying in despite incredibly poor showing (5%).

Elizabeth Edwards just introduced John Edwards… He’s about to speak… Congratulates Clinton and Obama for their lead… “48 states to go”… “I am in this race through the convention”…

Tim Russert: “A very good night for Clinton”…

MSNBC has county by county results up for the NH Democratic race.

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