Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Goodness gracious, are things heating up in New Hampshire.  Voting has already been going on for hours, at this point.

Things are getting down and dirty. I hope there are plenty of hip-waders for all of us, because it is getting deep.

We’ll get into all of that, soon enough. But, let’s take a deep breath and a long sip of our morning cuppa and relax with a little youtubery, first.

The message you should walk away with today is that there are definitely winners and losers in this world. Be very, very thankful you are not this guy: The Breakup: A Portrait of Dignity.

(If you ARE this guy, just be thankful if you get off with a simple restraining order…).

And, with that, I must admit that there are plenty of losers littering the Ten Post Round-Up, today. Some will make you laugh and some will make you cry and some will leave you scratching your head, “WTF?”. Oh, yeah, there’s a couple of winners in here, too.

1: Even Dr. Phil has dumped Britney Spears. Sadly, I am having trouble weighing which of the two is the biggest loser…

Dr. Phil scraps show on Britney SpearsReuters

2: Who knew making calls for “Avon” would lead to “Apple”. This one is definitely a winner…

Apple names Avon’s Andrea Jung to boardCNET

3: Someone took the time to weave together all the convenient “coincidences” between Pakistan and the War on Terror. It goes without saying that we are all losers in that game…

Benazir Bhutto: Omar Sheikh Murdered Osama bin-LadenLittle Country Lost

4: Something that makes Dizzy Dezzi laugh hysterically while muttering “loser” with tears streaking down her face…

Mitt Romney says he can beat Barack ObamaTelegraph

5: Something that gives Dizzy Dezzi the willies and reminds her that some losers are more dangerous than others…

Cops: Texas man calls 911, says he’s eating girlfriendUSAToday

6: Gates says “bu-bye” to Microsoft. Hey, sometimes losers finish on top! Talk about “Revenge of the Nerds”.

Bill Gates’s FarewellNewsweek

7: Am I the only one who is having a hard time believing that Iran, a country that would be a huge loser in a nuclear war against our country (and/or Israel), would actually pull a stunt like this…?

Iranians harassed U.S. ships, Navy confirmsL.A. Times

8: Hillary Clinton actually can claim to have finished first in at least one contest, this year. That means, she’s already a winner!

Congratulations to “The Most Annoying Liberals of 2007?Crooks and Liars

9: One more thing about Huckabee that makes Dizzy Dezzi mumble “loser” under her breath…

“Radical Cleric:” The Ad Huckabee Doesn’t Want You To SeeThe Huffington Post

10: And, finally, Sean Hannity has his own “loser” moment…

Ron Paul supporters chase Sean Hannity through the streetsAMERICAblog

Oh, it is entirely too early in this election cycle. I’m definitely going to invest in an extra pair of hip-waders.

(Dizzy Dayz)

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