Suffolk U!

Remember my recap the other day regarding polling in the Dem race? And the only poll out there showing Clinton would win came from Suffolk University? * Suffolk University : Clinton 35%, Obama 33%, Edwards 14% “But as Carpetbagger notes, “Come Wednesday morning, the pollsters at Suffolk University are going … Continue reading

MSNBC: Idiots

Pamela’s already mentioned Tweety Mathew’s stupid comments from this morning. I just wanted to chime in with some thoughts in general about how, across the board last night, MSNBC was full of morons and nincompoops who got it so wrong regarding the Democratic vote in New Hampshire, it defied belief. … Continue reading

Hours After Saying He’ll “Never Underestimate Hillary Clinton Again,” Chris Matthews Slams Hillary

Last night I watched the coverage of the New Hampshire primary results on MSNBC. I listened as Chris Matthews said, “I give her a lot of personal credit; I will never underestimate Hillary Clinton again.” As he said that, I thought to myself, “yeah right.” Well, “yeah right,” was right. As … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Wow! Hillary pulled out a win in New Hampshire with Obama kinda breathing down her neck. I’m no fan of McCain’s, but I must admit to being relieved that Huckabee wasn’t “the man”, in this round. I hear Romney was jus’ a lil’ upset that his BFFs in NH didn’t … Continue reading