Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Wow! Hillary pulled out a win in New Hampshire with Obama kinda breathing down her neck. I’m no fan of McCain’s, but I must admit to being relieved that Huckabee wasn’t “the man”, in this round. I hear Romney was jus’ a lil’ upset that his BFFs in NH didn’t make sure he got the win. I also hear that Uncle Fred kinda napped through the whole thing and Mr. 9/11, well, he probably should go away and take a long nap, too.

This is what’s so annoying about primary season. It’s kind of like watching a boxing match. You watch these contenders pound the crap out of each other until one of them is on the ropes. As s/he bounces back, you hold your breath, wondering if they will keep their balance and be able to keep fighting. It’s exciting, you can’t look away (even if that means covering your eyes and peeking through your fingers). You want your contender to win, but you know for the big payday, s/he’s got to go so many rounds and despite the fact that you really need to “go”, you stay put, watching the carnage and hope you don’t wet your pants while you wait for your contender to win. Besides, if you walk away, for any reason, you might jinx your contender. The only problem is this match is going to go on for months (not including the months of sparring that led up to the big boxing season) and anything could trip up your contender, be it poor coaching or a sucker punch.

Even though I haven’t chosen a contender, I am still interested in the fight to the finish. I am just as concerned as everyone else who will walk away with the “title”. But, I’ll tell you right now, if Gomer Pyle gets it, I’m gonna kick my bookie’s a@@!

Not to change the subject or anything, I heard some great news about sunshine, and I need some music to help boost my mood. I think that this little gem should help do the trick: Walking On Sunshine–Katrina and The Waves

Lace up your gloves and make sure your boots aren’t on too tight. Let’s get ready to Round-Up!:

1: I feel much better since the Navy released that video of Iran taking a wide-stance against their ships. I know that such things could never be doctored or manipulated…

US Releases Dramatic Video of Iran Boat IncidentABC News

2: Uh-Oh. Somebody found some of Ron Paul’s old bigotry-laced newsletters. Granted, Dr. No did not write a lot of them himself. But, somebody was mos’ definitely using his name to spread a lot of hateful ideas…

Ron Paul: ‘Angry White Man’The Democratic Daily

3: Ron Paul issues a statement trying to distance himself from the old newsletters, claiming that they do not and never have represented his true thoughts…

Ron Paul Statement on The New Republic Article Regarding Old NewslettersOpen Your Mind’s Eye

4: Speaking of Ron Paul, the lame stream media definitely has no love for him. CNN mentions Mr. 9/11’s 9% polling numbers in New Hampshire and ignore that Dr. No got an equivalent piece of the polling pie…

this is a-paul-ling!skippy the bush kangaroo

5: Possible Iraq War crimes come to Colorado. A former Fort Carson soldier and Iraq War vet kills another soldier in Downtown Colorado Springs and in confessing to the crime, also confesses to committing war crimes while serving in Iraq.

Carson soldier alleges shooting at Iraqi civiliansColorado Springs Gazette

6: If a gay soldier comes out of the closet, will the brass make a sound? Apparently not, if they are desperately in need of warm bodies for a cold-blooded war…

Soldier: Policy on gays may be shiftingAnything Goes & General News

7: Join the campaign, sign the petition. Ban paperless voting…

Campaign to Ban Paperless VotingOne Pissed Off Veteran

8: Look! Up on the web! It’s a bird…it’s a plane…! Nope, it’s just the White House blog…

For Better or Worse, The Whitehouse PR Trumpet Is Going To Start BloggingBring it On!

9: He’s Baaa-aaak!

Senator Larry Craig was in court again todayWonkette

10: The scientist who warned the world about the dangers of hanging outside and maybe getting skin cancer says, “Um…maybe we overreacted a little bit…”

We all need a little dose of sunshine, says scientist who sounded alert on skin cancerSigns of the Times

On that note, I say to you, (wherever possible) get your butt out of the house and catch a few rays while you go out and make it a great day!


(Dizzy Dayz)

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