Markos: Obama Comment Worth 2-3% (Video)

At DailyKos, Markos posts his own analysis of last nights victory by Hillary Clinton saying in part, “So keep attacking her for bullshit reasons, and you’ll be generating more and more sympathy votes for her. Obama’s “you’re likable enough” was likely worth 2-3 points all by its lonesome self.”

Here’s the condescending moment by Barrack Obama at the NH debate he was describing. This comes as the moderator tells Senator Clinton that she’s not as well liked as Senator Obama.

Note that Markos is not a Hillary supporter. Yet, his post on the Hillary-hatred in the blogsphere, and the bullshit being posted in the ‘blog debate’, has good advice for anyone who doesn’t support a Clinton victory.

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3 Responses to Markos: Obama Comment Worth 2-3% (Video)

  1. Let’s please stop all the psychoanalysis!! Senator Obama’s response was obviously not meant to be condescending. If anything, he was attempting to be a little supportive of his chief challenger. Each of the candidates on both sides obviously are aware of how grueling and frustrating a run for the presidency is.
    I am sure they each and their respective families live in a bubble. They are subject to constant media attention and questioning. Senator Clinton responded to the question with both humor and honesty. Senator Obama’s interjection, if anything, was in support of her based on the constant scrunity all the candidates must endure. Why must we read negativity into the candidates every word, appearance, and body jesture? Give it a break!! Buzz

  2. Buzz

    I agree too much psychoanalysis! 😉

  3. Obama seems oblivious to how the system works…his thoughts of bringing everyone together and pushing out special interests will not work in the best interest of the country. It takes controversial ideas and discussion of proposals from within Congress and The House to formulate new thoughts and possibilities. Without that, you may as well send them all home and let Obama make all the decisions. Besides the war issue, this country is facing other problems that must be dealt with immediately.  The economy is taking a nose dive due to the sub prime mortgage mess, with foreclosures at historic levels.  With Hillary Clinton, she has the experience to make her proposals heard, and if you remember, Bill Clinton did a lot to straighten out the country’s deficit.  I would expect that Hillary will call on Bill to offer some suggestions that will at least help to straighten out the economy.  Here again, real documented experience and political savvy is what we need to save this Nation.  Not someone who is in because some of his supporters are “willing to take the chance”.  I for one am not willing to take that chance. Global warming is another high priority…unless some real solutions are put into effect immediately, the outcome will be wide spread devastation. This is a real issue…but in reality, the planet almost certainly has gone thru these changes before. If this is a recurrance of global climate change, then there will be massive migratory plans to be dealt with.  This may very soon take the highest priority  as cataclysmic events may force an end to the wars, and of course the credit problems as well. Money won’t mean much, as people will hoard whatever food and water resources they have, and not be willing to sell it at any price. We should be looking at how we could possibly maintain life if such events take place. Obama fires back at Bill Clinton – Barack Obama News-