MSNBC: Idiots

Pamela’s already mentioned Tweety Mathew’s stupid comments from this morning. I just wanted to chime in with some thoughts in general about how, across the board last night, MSNBC was full of morons and nincompoops who got it so wrong regarding the Democratic vote in New Hampshire, it defied belief.

I tuned in around 8ish and was stunned to watch the next hour or so as Mathews and Olbermann sat there denying the obvious: that Hillary Clinton was coming back from the political graveyard to win.

As the numbers kept widening (at one point, she was ahead by 6), Tweety and Doofusmann first ignored the results, then discussed that many precincts weren’t in yet, then focused inordinately on McCain’s win, then finally, around 10pm, they began discussing [gasp!] the unthinkable: “Are we seeing something no one predicted?” Olbermann intoned in great baritone.

Well, if you and Tweety had opened your eyes about two hours earlier, the bottom of your screen showed she was on her way to a big victory for like 120 minutes or so.

And what’s with Olbermann and his defense of the sexist coverage of Clinton “choking up”? As Pat Buchanan and Rachel Maddow sparred back and forth over the story’s “relevance”, Keith jumps in with this take:

“I think you’re both wrong. The real story was what happened after, how she went from showing emotion in one breath to going back into attack mode and slamming Obama the next breath. Isn’t that the real story everyone is missing?”

What story? That we might be electing a president who can show emotion and empathy one moment, then turn around and lead the next? The horrah! Then he kept trying to change the topic off his own sexist comments/coverage back to Clinton’s supposed “al-Qaeda” reference, which no one but he, apparently, thought was newsworthy either.

I like Olbermann as much as the next guy, but his allegiances were rather clear, and he was off his game and just plain stupid last night on the air.

Ditto Mathews, Brokaw and every other pundit on that network. I particularly loved both Charlie Cook and Chuck Todd, the so-called “political experts”, who were on in the 8pm hour talking about how they’d “never seen a candidate like Obama” in the history of politics and that his momentum was “unheralded”, while simultaneously dude was getting stomped right below them on the screen as the vote totals scrolled by.

The inability of these guys, men, to see what was happening right in front of them as the hours ticked by, was astounding. My wife said at one point, “Why aren’t they calling it for Hillary? She’s kicking Obama’s ass,” and this was at 8:30pm or so. As Jeff Fecke summarized it, “Clinton won tonight because in the last few days, the level of misogyny directed toward her had reached a fever pitch, and the women of New Hampshire decided that they’d had enough of it.” Apparently this was missed by the male anchors at MSNBC all night.

And btw, my posts yesterday on this topic weren’t the product of any “male guilt” or whatever (as some readers have emailed me about). My reaction was based on the two most important women in my life: my wife and my mother, neither of whom you could call “devout feminists”, but both of whom were outraged over the treatment of Clinton in the last 48 hours or so leading up to Tuesday. Even Joe Scarborough, of all people, referenced the Steinem piece this morning and said “she nailed it!” And Clinton won because the women in N.H. were just as outraged.

If you want to vote against Clinton (as I probably will, btw) then defeat her because you think she’s a triangulating, “Third Way”, retro-empty suit who will caved on Iraq (and Iran) to get elected.

The message of N.H. last night, however, was “you can’t defeat her just because she’s a woman,” and woe unto you who try henceforth.

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One Response to MSNBC: Idiots

  1. Tom Driscoll says:

    I think every body should takea deep breath here folks. We would all be well served if we could figure out how to make the discussion about policy and not personalities. We owe the country a better debate than this. I don’t think everyone who supports Hilary Clinton is a racist lackey of corporate America. Not everybody who supports Obama is an anti-feminist neanderthal. We would all do well to remind ourselves that any of the top three Democratic candidates would be an enormous corrective step for the country.

    I don’t get cable tv so I wasn’t privvy to the MSNBC broadcast being argued about, but I will say that after I saw a video of the infamous teary incidence, I too found it more chilling to see Clinton regain her composure with her mantric talking points. I was fine with the tears. Her voice broke ever so slightly as she mused about how hard it was, and as she acknowledged that all the candidates wanted what was best for the country. I was glad to see that. But then it was “some of us are right, some of us are wrong, some will be ready day one, some of us…” It was at that point I rolled my eyes. I think that’s the moment Olberman was talking about.