Senator Obama: Disavow These Comments and Fire Jackson, Jr.

For an major Obama official, Jesse Jackson,Jr., to make these racist and sexist remarks, complete with video as shown in Pamela’s post below, is beyond comprehension. If Barrack Obama himself doesn’t disavow this utter trash then he discredits his own campaign and his personal humanity. It is a sign of true fear when a campaign official lashes out with such hatred and distrust using the pain and ethnicity of others as the focus points.

Barrack Obama and Jesse Jackson, Jr. know there was no thinking person in the nation with a television set or computer that wasn’t moved by the pain, suffering, destruction and carnage of that storm and it’s horrible aftermath. Katrina Survivor

To say that Senator Clinton wasn’t moved by that tragedy’s impact is a remarkable effort at dehumanizing an opponent. In the next moment, Jesse Jackson, Jr. does everything but cast South Carolina as a racist contest to be decided on skin color saying,“…particularly as we head to South Carolina where 45% of African-Americans who participate in the Democratic contest…”
If Barrack Obama doesn’t immediately disavow this effort to wrap his campaign in the pain of Katrina and the ethnicity of South Carolina by he made a mockery of his campaign of ‘change’.

This statement is a very large, very ugly moment in this campaign.

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One Response to Senator Obama: Disavow These Comments and Fire Jackson, Jr.

  1. I totally agree. The Jesse Jackson Jr. video is extremely disturbing. Although I am a strong Barack Obama supporter, the Senator must distance himself from this kind of rhertoric. It is especially damaging coming from one of his campaign officials. To insinuate that Senator Clinton had no compasson for the Hurricane Katrina victims is offensive. To imply that Senator Obama will win big in South Carolina because of it’s large black population is both racist and equally offensive. With friends like this, Barack needs no enimies.
    It is imperative that Senator Obama make a sincere and speedy denouncement of Jackson’s totally inappropriate remarks. In fact. perhaps Jackson should be disciplined for this blatant indiscretion. I have never doubted Senator Clinton’s degree of compassion. I also hope that the majority of thinking Americans will vote for the candidate they feel has the best qualifications, irregardless of their race or gender!!