Why We Cry

The waste of speculation, air and print time on Hillary Clinton’s moment of emotion is as absurd, irrational, and downright stupid as humans can get. Yes, I am going to tell you what I really feel. Would it be possible to consider a few facts?

I think a few decades ago we figured out that laughing releases hormones that act like uppers. Endorphins make us happy and promote human bonding. We love them. Singing, lactation, orgasm and high risk experiences also do this. Hence the bonding of lovers, mothers and babes, soldiers, and singers. When this came out and I had processed it with my experience, my question was: What does crying do for us?

It was some years later when I saw a small article buried in the newspaper. Research had been done on the lubricating tears and crying tears to find out if they are different. This should come as no surprise. The tear fluid released when we are crying has stress hormones in it, lubricating tears do not.

Now let’s consider why women cry more than men. When an event triggers a stress reaction releasing those hormones, there are different ways they are used and gotten rid of by the body. Exercise is one. People who are heavily muscled and use them a lot can drop their stress hormones much faster. Testosterone, estrogen and progesterone also affect the stress hormones differently. A graph of the blood levels over time after the trigger event, shows a sharp drop off for men and a much more gradual one for women.

This creates a problem for women who may be only half way to getting the stress hormone level back to baseline before the next trigger occurs, sending their stress level even higher. Men have a lot of different reactions to women crying. The one I am especially sensitive to is when they know or sense that a woman is stressed out and proceed to yell at her, in derisive and derogatory ways – until she bursts into tears. Just adds so much to your self confidence when that happens. The kindness of it. 🙄

The first woman running for president who has a serious chance of making it had a pretty stressful week, following months, years and over a decade of more stress than the majority of us ever live with. That this is the first time she has ever done it speaks to her strength. That it happened in that situation speaks to the reality that all of us, at some point, reach that moment when we are not prepared.

IMO some of the comments deriding or disbelieving a completely natural and probable situation are another example of how incredibly foolish American voters can be when it comes to evaluating candidates.

I will caucus for Edwards or Obama in Febuary for several REASONS. I will vote for Hillary in November if she wins the nomination.

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5 Responses to Why We Cry

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    It seems a litle late after the last week or so for Clinton and Obama to share the ticket. For Edwards also I believe that he either makes it to the top or is not on it. One decent candidate is going to the Whitehouse, and two are not. It seems like something better than that could have been brokered. And it’s going to be hard to get someone good for the second spot who has not already tried and failed this year.

  2. Ginny in CO says:

    I don’t think either a black or a woman would add the other to the ticket. There will be enough risk with one minority running. I would not rule out an Edwards/Obama ticket if the other 48 states change the direction.

    I would love to see Bill Bradley as VP.

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    Any chance we end up with Gore and Obama? The convention may be split three ways.

  4. Why do we persist in over analyzing? We need to let the candidates be themselves. To cry IS NOT a sign of weakness. If anything, it should be viewed as a sign of empathy and compassion. After having the heartless Bush/Cheyney regime for eight years, do we really want a nominee who exhibits no signs of having feelings? I often wonder how Cheyney could have required so many heart operations, as his actions have made it abundantly clear that he has none.
    I just read on another blog that the US casuality count in Iraq now stands at 3,921. Just 79 more deaths and we will reach the 4,000 body count plateau. These lives have been sacrified in a war which was totally fabricated on lies!!! Then Nancy Pelosi has the nerve to state that, “Impeachment is off the table.” As a Vietnam War veteran, I currently have 3,921 reasons to cry. This is why all Americans of both parties should be crying. Please stop the stupidity of analyzing Hillary’s tears. Weep for your country!!!!!

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