The Hillary Effect

Still trying to figure out what happened in New Hampshire? Check out Cenk Uygur (Young Turks) on “The Hillary Effect”: 

The Bradley Effect is a well-known political phenomenon where voters say they will vote for a black candidate to a pollster and then turn around and vote the other way when they are alone in the voting booth.

Today, a caller on our show made a great point as to why Hillary might have won in New Hampshire despite the fact that polls showed her losing by 10 points — the Hillary Effect.

She said a lot of people don’t want to say they are supporting Hillary Clinton because it is an unpopular thing to say and causes harsh reactions. So, they keep quiet about their support but vote for her anyway.

Then, we received this e-mail from Dawn, another closeted Hillary supporter:

“I have been supporting Hillary, and having to apologize for it, for a year. I can easily see myself being vague about it when asked by a pollster, but in the privacy of my voting booth I will vote for her enthusiastically.”

There you have it. The Hillary Effect. This could easily be one of the contributing factors as to why the polls were so off in New Hampshire.

I have to say, I think there is some merit to this. Women, as we know played a big part in Clinton’s victory in New Hampshire on Tuesday. I know a lot of women have broached the subject of their support for Hillary Clinton with me with great temerity. Whether is is because they know of my history supporting John Kerry, or because they are reticent to declare support for Clinton, I’ve seen this happen over and over again.

And then just take a look around the blogosphere. On some blogs just the mere mention of supporting Clinton causes commenters to become unglued. I think there are a lot of women in this country who really want to see a woman president in the White House and they get that Clinton is highly experienced.

Time will tell just who gets the nomination. But for now there’s a multitude of theories on New Hampshire, including “The Hillary Effect”, “The Whouley Effect” and “The Today Effect.” Personally, I think it was a combination of all three.

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