Ask Hillary

I ran across this “Ask Hillary” video today over at DU’s video forum:

I thought Clinton gave some solid answers to the questions.

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2 Responses to Ask Hillary

  1. Remember when I wrote about the ability of the candidates to create their own TV channel? They could cut out the media’s editing and speak directly to the public.

    This is another part of that transformative moment in the NH campaign. I’m sure the online person had put forth that idea previously. I’m quite certain Peter Daou thought it was a good idea.
    Only after that moment of personal connection would/could the campaign understand the power of direct communication.

    It allows the candidate to react to questions that the public wants answered rather than trying to anticipate the questions with prepared speeches.

    Notice the uneven camera work on the bus. Those were the moments that showed the viewer that this wasn’t a slick hollywood production, although the editing was professional. If they had used an expensive ‘steady cam’ arm (forget the correct name) and it all was just slick and perfect it wouldn’t be one half as effective.

    I would advocate using some of these q & a session be done without any editing. Just let the candidate answer questions. The supporters can speak at the end perhaps. It’s a matter of direct uncensored communication.

    Even more powerful would be short pieces of the candidate (Hillary) speaking directly to the camera in a very off the cuff fashion. This came be used to react to a news event of the day for example. How about Hillary’s first reactions to the assignation in Pakistan being broadcast on her own channels before she talked to the media? How powerful could that be if it was an unrehearsed moment? (Remember the media will get her first reaction from her own words which are broadcast unedited by their companies directly to us.)

    How about a few times when HIllary or Obama are tired, beat up and just talking about their day or the past few days? How much more could we learn about them as people if, over a short time, they learned how to use the camera as conversational entity.

    This piece, Edwards pre-announcement in New Orleans , the use of video in the Dodd campaign by Tim Tagaris are the beginning of a tread we will take for granted in 2012.

    Remember how transformative the Dean Campaign online attack was? Politicians learning to be comfortable in their own skins, unrehearsed, on camera is the next step.

    Video communication can be used more effectively. We’ll see this, I’m certain, in the future.

    I’m running at high speed with the writing of this comment. I hope my points are clear. No time for 5 edits tonight! :)) [This is a topic I am passionate about. It was never available prior to the wide spread broadband and video sites.]

  2. Stuart

    I was impressed, which is why I posted it. The questions and the answers were very good. She was confident in her responses. Should have added the link to their post about it. Will find it and ad it in to the post.

    I hope readers will watch the video.