Be A Dem For A Day?

Oops… One over zealous Barack Obama precinct captain kinda sorta went overboard in Nevada. Tacky. At least he owned up to it. In the light of this, folks are wondering things like, “what is going on these days with Obama” and if “Obama is a fighter for Obama” rather than … Continue reading

The History of the Absurd

If you want to see the Cold War as chapter behind us (and that is arguable), the Soviet conflict in Afghanistan was the last proxy war in the contest. As the new film “Charlie Wilson’s War” points out, the support for “freedom fighters” in that conflict was ultimately bipartisan in nature. Bipartisan and, in the end, never truly interested in freedom for the Afghan people. With the help of Pakistani intelligence forces and funding from Sunni extremists in the Arab world, we helped the mujahadeen bleed the Soviets pale in their own little version of Vietnam.

In some stark terms we won —the mission was accomplished. The Soviet tanks pulled out and limped home in time for the collapse of “the evil empire.” And the power vacuum left behind in Afghanistan —it would be filled by a strange mutation of those mujahadeen freedom fighters, the Taliban.

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The Clinton – Obama Iraq Feud

Apparently, Hillary Clinton who has not made being an “anti-war” candidate is not supposed to question the record of Barack Obama who has made this his platform. To do so is an “attack” or a “smear.” That’s ludicrous in my opinion. Barack Obama came to the Senate in as a … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

It’s Monday, isn’t it? It’s back to the “old grindstone” for many of you, but since my work doesn’t start until the week ends, today is when my “weekend” starts. There’s a lot going on all over the place. Politicians of every stripe are amping up their campaigns to end … Continue reading