99 Problems But A Bitch Ain’t One??

There’s some controversy over whether this is true or not, that an after victory party for Obama was blaring Jay-Z’s 99 Problems, but apparently as both Taylor Marsh and Politico point out, the Obama camp has not called for a retraction and they were given days to confirm or deny. The story from The New York Post is that as “Obama and his wife, Michelle, strolled triumphantly into his victory party in Des Moines, Iowa, on Jan. 3, Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” was blaring. In it, Jay raps, “I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one.”” The party in question was reportedly a private party after the Iowa victory rally. The Post notes:  

Some listeners took it as a not-so-sly reference to Hillary.

No-so-sly references can be construed on from both campaign’s apparently. If this is true, it’s a damn offensive sexist shot at Hillary Clinton. I’m not a fan of Rap, apparently Barack Obama is. So much Rap is laced with misogynistic lyrics that it makes my head spin. Here’s a video of 99 Problems (h/t to Taylor):

For days now the Obama camp has been putting out the meme that the Clinton’s are playing the race card. They’ve gone so far as to circulate a memo on this. This whole thing as gotten way out of hand.

I’ve seen the Clinton step up time after time, when accusations are flung at them for things their supporters have said, and do the right thing. Take responsibilty. But where’s Obama doing the same thing? He’s not. Jesse Jackson, Jr got away with his deplorable sexist remarks about Hillary. Obama said nothing.

Today Earl Ofari Hutchinson stepped up on The HuffPo and said, “Obama Needs a History Lesson about Hillary and King.” Hutchinson says Clinton’s comments about MLK and Johnson were “anything but a put down of King.” Read the whole piece.

Joseph Cannon makes this observation on Cannonfire today:

Obama’s tactics have been pure Rove:

1. Obama had surrogates do the dirty work, while he stayed aloof. (Think Bush-v-McCain in 2000.)

2. He attacked his opponent’s strength. The Clintons have always been popular in the black community. A large percentage of the voters in South Carolina are black; Obama needs black Clinton voters to switch over to him.

3. He put his opponent on defense by forcing her to be ultra-self-conscious about every syllable. It’s getting so that a candidate cannot say “Hi!” without fear that someone will find some reason to be insulted by that word.

Some may disagree with Cannon’s obersation and turn it around saying it’s Clinton using the Rovian technique. But if Clinton takes responsibility for her surrogates words and Obama doesn’t then who exactly is doing the twisting and the meme throwing here?

I said here early this morning, this whole mess is “so sad“… “Let’s keep our eyes on the prize please.”

Jeff Dinelli notes on The Left Coaster in his post on the Jay-Z moment at the Obama party, “Obama still hasn’t apologized to the GBLT community for having crazed homophobe Rev. Donnie McClurkin on the payroll, his campaign has insinuated that Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has a racist undercurrent.” He goes on to say this:

Hillary has personally taken swift action against anyone on her campaign making untoward comments, and indeed, accusing the Clintons of racism is a rather ridiculous idea, given everything the couple has done for minorities during President Clinton’s administration and before or since.

“99 Problems (But A Bitch Ain’t One)?” This is terrible. The level of discourse in this primary must rise, beginning with the two really quality candidates gaining more control of who works for their campaigns and what they say. Hillary seems to have a grasp of things. Sen. Obama needs to catch up.

Again, I will say “Let’s keep our eyes on the prize please.” We have a general election to win in November and dividing the party on racism and sexism just isn’t helping.

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Pamela Leavey is the Editor in Chief, Owner/Publisher of The Democratic Daily as well as a freelance writer and photographer. Pamela holds a certificate in Contemporary Communications from UMass Lowell, a Journalism Certificate from UMass Amherst and a B.A. in Creative Writing and Digital Age Communications from UMass Amherst UWW.
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17 Responses to 99 Problems But A Bitch Ain’t One??

  1. markg8 says:

    Let’s see The NY Post and Ben Smith publish a rumor they can’t find one person to corroborate. The DJ at the party has a diary up at Kos with the complete playlist denying there was any rap played at all. We’re talking IA here, where 99.99% of Obama’s supporters are white for God’s sake.

    In the meantime Hillary has Bob Johnson who has made a cool billion exploiting his own people with really ugly and demeaning gangster rap on BET for years, who has succeeded in keeping any and all competition in his broadcasting niche off cable, who once took out full page ads and made speeches advocating the abolishment of the inheritance tax, ridiculing Obama for his admitted drug dabbling as a kid.

    Classy! You should be proud of yourself. As proud as I’ll be to vote for Obama.

  2. MarkG

    Have you got a link to the Kos diary?

  3. Jeanne says:

    I can’t read this garbage. Is this what the Clinton supporters want to stir up? I started feeling good about the democratic party again when Sen. Kerry endorsed Sen. Obama but here we go again. The Clintons just want to drag Sen Obama into controversy. So Rovian.

  4. Jeanne

    Yes it is garbage.

    What’s garbage, I am sorry to disagree with you is that it’s all about the Clinton’s wanting to create controversy. In my opinion, and this is coming from an ardent and still very loyal Kerry supporter, JK could have stepped out a little farther yesterday when queried about the racism crap and said it was unfair to HRC.

    Regardless, both Clinton and Obama have now asked everyone to get a grip (in so many words) – Everybody Take a Deep Breath… Clinton: We Must Seek Common Ground – Obama: We All Believe In Civil Rights

  5. MarkG8

    Thanks for the link. I read that diary when I was putting this post together and I also read another diary on DKos that said as the NY POst did, that it was the private after the rally. The link you provided is about the big rally.

    I quite frankly this all of this has been very said which is why I have said here repeatedly in the past couple of days that everyone needs to keep their eyes on the prize. None of this serves the party well at all.

    I have a great deal of respect for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and no matter who the nominee is, we will need to come together and work our tails off to ensure we put a Democrat in the White House come November.

    I am glad that Barack Obama has stepped up and asked that this stuff stop and Hillary has also.

  6. markg8 says:

    Pamela from what I’ve read there was no private party except in Taylor Marsh’s vivid imagination. Obama went to dinner after that event at an expensive restaurant where Jay Z’s music is as popular as an all kangaroo didgeridoo orchestra.

    It’s pretty telling to me when Hillary trots out one of the few black billionaires in this country, Bob Johnson, who made his fortune promoting misogynist music while proudly stifling competition, who considers abolishing the inheritance tax, a tax that will affect all of 59 black families this year and about 35 next year, to be a pressing civil rights issue to the black community, to insinuate her opponent is just a street corner punk from the hood and then lie about it. Yeah it’s telling me just where she’s coming from. Like I said, classy, real classy.

  7. MarkG8

    1) Taylor reported on something that both Politico and the NY Post reported on, she didn’t start the story.

    2) Did you see my link above? Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have asked that everyone knock off the racism crap. She’s didn’t trot anyone out. Thank you.

  8. Jeanne says:


    It is more unfair to Sen Obama. Sen Clinton was trying to derail Sen Obama message about inspiration and change and that type of politics is negative. And old.

    By the way, Sen Obama showed leadership in taking the first step to end this “tic for tac”

  9. Jeanne says:

    Also you saw the decency of Sen Kerry on ABC Sunday show with his support of Sen Obama. Don’t drag him into this fight

  10. Jeanne

    It’s unfair for anyone to derail anyone’s message. As a woman I am offended by the sexist crap that has come from the Obama campaign. I’m not sitting here with blinders on, I’ve been watching all of this very, very closely. And, I’ve been on the inside before, I know how this stuff works. While Obama may be talking hope and change his surrogates are not always on the same page.

    There’s been blow back on this for both Obama and Clinton. Don’t kid yourself. I hope that JK was involved in getting Obama to step up to the plate, because past calls for he or his people to take responsibilities for their actions have not been heeded, while Clinton has made every effort to do so with her people.

    If you think that Clinton wanted to lose good surrogates over gaffe’s think again. No politician can afford to lose spokespeople during an election – that’s why Obama won’t cut his lose like Clinton has done.

    Obama should have stepped up long ago in my opinion before this got so out of hand. To allow Jesse Jackson Jr to say what he said about HRC was delporable. To allow the meme to go for days that HRC and BC might be racist was deplorable. That my 2 cents for what it’s worth, from someone who’s had JK’s back for 4 1/2 years through all the crap from the media and others heaped on him.

  11. Jeanne

    I worked my tail off for John Kerry, on this blog and before on his campaign blog for 4 1/2 years. I am still loyal to him, and I am entitled to state my opinion and I know JK well enough that I know he would not expect me to not speak my mind.

    I suspect as I said above answering your other comment, that JK might have had something to do with Obama’s statement. I sure as hell hope he did because in my mind JK has far more sense than Obama and his spokespeople.

  12. markg8 says:

    Pamela, Bob Johnson was right on stage with Hillary. All she had to do when she spoke after him was say she thought that was a bit over the line. You can question my choice of the word “trot” but if you’ve seen the video any sane person knows what Johnson was alluding to. It’s the height of hypocrisy for anyone to be pushing this phony petty slur when Hillary’s main man in the black community is Bob Johnson America’s billionaire misogynist pimp. That’s the real story.

    The NY Post and Ben Smith “reported” it. The same Murdoch owned gossip column that claimed Hillary has a lesbian relationship with one of her staffers and the guy who broke the Edwards’ $400 haircut story are reliable sources? That’s a laugh. Unsubstantiated rumor reported as fact is what the reality based community is trying to stamp out.

  13. MarkG8

    Johnson and the Clinton campaign have already spoken up on Johnson’s comments.

    And I WILL REPEAT – Both Senator Obama and Senator Clinton have called to put an end to this crap about racism and I for one respect both of them enough to not discuss it further. Got it?

  14. Valerie Cooper says:

    I just wish the candidates would vow to put an end to this sexist crap. But no one will. It’s just out there, and it’s getting worse. Why expect it to be absent in our campaigns when it pervades our culture? Just look at MTV, listen to the radio, and read mags the way our children do.

    This campaign is getting ugly. I wish Democrats would look at voting records and read unbiased biographies. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have dedicated their lives to the public good. Both have positions that represent Democratic ideals and both would work to restore US relations worldwide.

    While I do support one candidate over the other, I will work as I have never worked before to make certain that the Democratic nominee — whoever that person is — becomes the next President of the US.

  15. Darrell Prows says:

    Bill Clinton, “the first black President”. How did that morph into being a racist?

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