Jeralyn Speaks For Me

I’ve read the articles — I’ve watched the Sunday shows. This whole mess is so sad. Jeralyn speaks for me:

Obama is black. Hillary is a woman. Those are facts beyond change. Neither one qualifies or disqualifies them from being President. Let’s accept it, welcome the diversity and move on.

We have a unique opportunity to elect either the first women president or the first black president. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize please.

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4 Responses to Jeralyn Speaks For Me

  1. Colleen Nichols says:

    Change the status quo, Democratic candidates!!!

    Stop the debates NOW and declare the candidates united.

    I propose this:

    Each candidate goes to their constituencies with this plan:

    Edwards will be our party’s candidate for President with Obama as Vice President. This will give Obama the 4 (or 8!!!) years seasoning that detractors seem to think he needs.

    Our cabinet will consist of:
    Richardson, Secretary of State, for his foreign policy expertise, he’s got the right attitude and demeanor for this position
    Clinton TBD
    Reid TBD

    I’d also propose two candidates from the Republican party
    McCain, Secretary of Defense – the military respects him and people do trust him
    Romney, Secretary of the Treasury, to turn this country around fiscally – (and I like the idea of him working for Edwards)

    And I don’t want to leave out Richard Clarke. We need this man back behind the scenes. If you haven’t read his book on his years in the government fighting terrorism, you should.

  2. Dizzy Dezzi says:

    I have to say that I agree with that idea. I have had it “up-to-here” with all the sexist and racist nonsense, however subtle or implied. I care more about where they stand on the issues that affect me and my family than I care about their sex or their race. If the candidate was a purple alien with three eyes and more than one sex organ, it wouldn’t matter so much to me so long as they had the best interests of the country truly at heart. Of course, The United Federation of People Who Believe A Real American Only Has One Sex Organ and the APP (Anti-Purple People) would be out in full force against that candidate, too.

  3. Darrell Prows says:

    Dezzi: You certainly move in interesting circles, but there’s something about the picture of that three sex organ thing that’s just a little too much diversity for me.

    Anyway, someone pulling the Dems back together before this campaign blows the Party up would be a welcome prospect to me. Too bad it ain’t happening.

    But, gee, the blood bath on the other side sure is fun to watch.

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