Michigan Results: Romney & Clinton

Mitt Romney scored himself a win in the Michigan primary tonight with a “commanding victory” over John McCain. The NY Times reports that Romney scored “with a message aimed at voters deeply anxious about the state’s ailing economy.”  Mr. Romney needed a victory in Michigan to save his candidacy after … Continue reading

Huckabee: Vote For Me and I’ll Amend the Constitution to to Reflect God’s Standards

Mike Huckabee was on the stump in Michigan pimping for the support of the evangelicals last night. Huckabee told voters he would amend the Constitution to “reflect God’s standards.” Watch this clip: This guy is a real threat to our basic rights under the Constitution and I don’t think we should … Continue reading

On PoliGazette Blog Talk Radio

I’ll be on Michael van der Galien’s PoliGazette Blog Talk Radio Show in a just a few minutes or so. You can catch the live stream here. We’ll be talking about the Democratic candidates and the charges that the battle for the nomination has turned into a battle over racism … Continue reading