Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Bummer! It’s only Tuesday. There’s so much going on in my world right now, combined with the other stuff going on in the rest of the world, I am so ready for the weekend!

I have news of my own, but I am still digesting it. I promise that as soon as my head shrinks back down to normal size, I will share with you, I’m jus’ not ready to let the cat out of the bag, jus’ yet…

Speaking of cats, “Cool Cats”, that is…I am lucky enough to have the coolest people drop by my blog and chat with me and it’s especially nice to meet people with cool talents. For instance, Robert Rouse from Left of Centrist just posted this cool ass youtube, that he created, on his blog: “The First Amendment Shuffle“. Edutainment at its best, yo!

So, now Dizzy is going to school you on some of the things I found for the Ten Post Round-Up, today:

1: Jus’ because you’re paranoid does not mean they ain’t after you…

If you weren’t paranoid before..this should do it.The Sirens Chronicles

2: I imagine this is going to set tongues wagging for another two weeks…

Sexism, racism: which is more taboo?Anything Goes & General News

3: Clinton and Obama agree to place nice…

Everybody Take a Deep Breath… Clinton: We Must Seek Common Ground – Obama: We All Believe In Civil RightsThe Democratic Daily

4: Judge says, “Let Kucinich Debate!” (MSNBC says “EFF Yoo!”)

Judge tells MSNBC to let Kucinich debate.Think Progress

5: Rudy finds religion (No, really! Why are you laughing?)

The last refuge of a scoundrelCrooks and Liars

6: So…what did you do to help put impeachment on the table, slackers?

Impeachment Marcher Reaches Washington — “Hello Madame Speaker”The Huffington Post

7: One thing leads to another?

Get drunk, turn gayAMERICAblog

8: New movie, “Cloverfield” joins a long tradition of movies which show annihilation of the Big Apple…

Destroying New YorkBuzzFeed

9: So glad we have freedom of choice when it comes to education, in this country…

German homeschool update: Homeschool family reaches EnglandWhy Homeschool

10: Tin-foil hat alert: The CIA, Facebook, & You…

The Neocon money-men behind FacebookSigns of the Times

I know it’s hard to stay positive and remain upbeat when you read some of the posts included in the Round-Up, but I feel that it is imperative to keep a positive attitude even when the s%@t hits the fan. It’s the ones with positive and forward thinking who are going to help to motivate those who lack the energy to go on fighting when it looks like all hope is lost.

I’m jus’ sayin’…

In any case, do your best and go out and make today a great day!


(Be that way, then!)

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