Thank You, Dan Abrams

I don’t watch Dan Abrams as much as I should, but I caught his opening segment last night, and the dude absolutely nailed why this entire alleged “Racial Row” between the Clinton and Obama camps is nothing but a fabricated story, completely generated by big-Washington media, designed to sell soap and bump ratings.

For another case in point: look no further than today’s WaPo op-ed page to see all these “wise sages” going on and on about absolutely nothing.

In fact, for a contrarian read on race and politics, take a gander at this Times article on the “real racial” story of this election so far: Obama having to sell himself to suspicious Latino voters, and the long-simmering tensions between African-Americans and Hispanics.

Unlike the Clinton/Obama fabrication, this latter story speaks volumes of the racial tensions and problems in this country. The real problems, that is.

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One Response to Thank You, Dan Abrams

  1. alrudder says:

    Thanks for putting that up. This was a slow news weekend, so the press had to manufacture this B.S.
    We’ll see if there are any questions in tonight’s debate, but hopefully it will die down now. Next week in South Carolina, HRC needs to keep focused on explaining her policies in plain English and she should earn a sizable chuck of the black vote.