They’re Back… And Slinging Their Slime at John McCain

They’re back and going after John McCain again… Swiftboaters Slinging Lies:

Arizona Sen. John McCain’s campaign responded forcefully today to a group called Vietnam Veterans Against McCain that has sent out mailers blasting the senator in South Carolina. On its web site, the group says the former prisoner of war and onetime Navy pilot did not deserve the medals he earned in Vietnam.

The Swamp notes:

McCain’s campaign is on high alert in South Carolina, the scene of a smear campaign against the senator in 2000 when he was running against then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush. The campaign has put together a “truth squad” of well-known South Carolinians to denounce any and all untruths leveled against McCain this time around.

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4 Responses to They’re Back… And Slinging Their Slime at John McCain

  1. Dizzy Dezzi says:

    Say what you will about McCain’s politics (and I know many hear at the Democratic Daily, do 😉 ), but to try to use him military record, including his POW status as a means to slime him is pretty low. Of course, it’s no surprise this is happening at the site of the last McCain slime-fest.

  2. morris1030 says:

    Slinging slime on McCain’s military service record is abominable. I am a Democrat who will vote Democrat, but this is the uberright wing attack machine that want Guilliani and/or Romney who will protect the big boys.

    All GOPers back continuing the war, but John McCain is a real hero, and this is digusting. Heavy right wing of GOP does not McCain because he’s honest and fairly decent on social issues compare to the rest. Huckabee will be similarly slimed, as GOP cannot stand him as he’s not one of the big boys.

  3. ElCapitanAmerica says:

    The mailer violates copyright, this group has no shame whatsoever;

  4. Darrell Prows says:

    It’s says something mighty ugly about our country that the Republican Party can hold its Convention in anything larger than a closet when the whole world is able to be witness to these sorts of things. If I had to pander to the wingnut fringe to get elected, as McCain really does whether he knows it or not, I’d prefer to hang out with the North Vietnamese.