An Endorsement To Be Proud Of?

The Las Vegas version of the Washington Times endorsed Barack Obama today. Reading the tripe from the Las Vegas Review Journal, I asked myself, is this an endorsement to be proud of? Not really. There was no glowing praise of Obama in the endorsement and in fact it read more like a call to vote against Hillary Clinton:

Is Barack Obama, then, the ideal Democratic candidate for president? Hardly. His policy recommendations — when he can be convinced to get any more specific than “I represent change” — are the opposite of “change.” They’re old-line, welfare-state solutions that haven’t spent enough time in the microwave to appear even superficially appetizing.

Sen. Obama is a relatively young man with relatively little of the kind of real-world experience that prepares a candidate to stand firm against urgent advice to, say, bomb some remote population of defenseless civilians to “send a message,” or plunge the economy into a dark night of unforeseen consequences by crippling the free market in the name of “fighting greed.”

But Barack Obama is, at least, likeable. He is a good enough orator that there is no need to cringe when he dares to speak off the cuff. He is a good politician, in the non-insulting sense that he knows how to speak to individual Americans and give them the feeling he cares about their concerns.

As Nevada Democrats head to their caucuses Saturday, they might ask themselves whether they really want to spend two months later this year watching a re-run of the horror movie “It Came From Little Rock,” with the sound turned up much too loud — or if they’d rather make it a real contest this fall.

If they prefer the latter, they’re better off backing Barack Obama on Saturday.

Ben Smith of Politico notes today that the Obama campaign is not advertising this one:

Wonder how long that stays on the Obama homepage.

UPDATE: Only a blog item with the news of the endorsement, not its text, was on Obama’s site this morning. And now it’s gone from the page and the blog.

It simply isn’t an endorsement to be proud of.

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2 Responses to An Endorsement To Be Proud Of?


    In nearly 40 years of political action I’ve never, ever seen a worse endorsement. Hotdamn, that ‘endorsement’ is an indictment of Obama with a published list of his weakest points.


    Ah, [sigh], first good laugh of the day. Thank you Las Vegas!

  2. Darrell Prows says:

    A guy named Dean Singleton owns The Salt Lake Tribune and he makes the locals endorse his choices. They “rebel” by writing some pretty strange stuff under the caption of “Endorsement”. I don’t know if he has Vegas also.