Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Wednesday? Wednesday! Yes! We are so close to the weekend now, I can almost taste it!

Did you guys catch the Democratic debate in Nevada, last night? I missed it, but I wonder, did it look anything like this: ????????: Attack and Defense?

My big news involves yours truly, my chosen political party, a podium, and a small (teeny, even) national spotlight at a convention in Denver in May. If you can discern my clues, drop by my blog and post your guess. I’ll make a formal announcement very soon.

That’s the best I can do for good news right now, so let’s get on with the Ten Post Round-Up, today:

1: Saudis to Bush: “Shirley, you must be joking…”

Thanks for the Bombs, You’re Not Getting Our OilWonkette

2: No room at the political table for Average Joes…

presidential electionslife’s journey

3: “There’s a sucker born every minute…”

Vacation Timeshare ScamsLife is Crap

4: They’re in your thermostat changin’ your temperature!

The Orwellian ThermostatBring It On!

5: Joe and Valerie speak out on Election 2008…

Joseph Wilson Hits Obama on IraqThe Huffington Post

6: The Huckster lets it all hang out!

Huckabee Wants A “Faith-based” ConstitutionCrooks and Liars

7: Let the Huckster’s confession sound the alarm for the rest of us…

Huckabee: Part Of The Christian Nationalist ThreatThe Democratic Daily

8: Colorado seems to have found a solution to the voting machine issue…

All Paper Ballots this yearLP Colorado

9: The same FDA that tried to suppress the Plan B pill and tells us that drugs that later turn out to be dangerous are supposed to be “safe” is now telling us that cloned meat and dairy are A-OK…

A trust-based pondering…AngryBlackBitch

10: All of Bush’s BFFs are saying that the new de-Baathification law is the new hotness (that means it’s really not)…

Kagan: de-Baathification law = ‘civil rights legislation.’Think Progress

After all that news, I am almost tempted to drop my news on you, right here and now…

Ah…but, not today!

But, hey, go out and make it a great day, anyway!


(I’m not gonna teh-ell…)

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