Nevada Caucus Concerns

There’s a few stories circulating about the Nevada caucuses that are of interest today. On The Fix, Chris Cillizza noted that Obama aide David Plouffe called him today and said Hillary Clinton “should be considered the “prohibitive favorite” in Nevada due to her strong support within the state party establishment and her large lead in early polling.”

Also making the news and the blogs today is the controversy over the lawsuit that is “seeking to block the Democratic Party from having caucus sites on the Strip.” John Kerry has weighed in on that one over on TPM and a few days ago Jeralyn at TalkLeft offered her opinion.

In an interesting side note on all of this, I received an email tip last night from a reader that told me that some Culinary Workers union members are worried about backlash from their union stewards if they don’t vote for Obama.

The Obama campaign must be in fact worried about their ground game in Nevada, as they are pulling out all the stops with Kerry scheduled to campaign there for Obama on Thursday and Friday.

UPDATE: Taylor Marsh has more.

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4 Responses to Nevada Caucus Concerns

  1. morris1030 says:

    Obama lied during debate tues. Exelon a Nuclear energy provider donated $74,350.00 to Obama [Chicago based] His corporate, financial.medical,health,insurance and lobbyist money are all huge contributors. He also voted against bill to cap credit card interest at 30%. Hillary voted against it. Obama voted against amendment to kill loan guarantees for powerful energy plants [mostly nuclear]., and Hillary against it. His sweetheart deal with indicted Tony Rezko of Chi machine netted Obama a piece of personal property worth $300,000 for $165,000. Rita Rezko transferred her backyard portion worth $300,000 to Obama for $165,000. They closed on same day.
    Penny Pritzker of Pritzker billions Chicago[Hyatt] machine is Obama’s Finance Director and refuses to divulge his donors in upcoming 3 fundraisers. ummm.
    Obama has buried his Illinois records which reveal many cave in votes and do nothing record. some votes favored republican bosses. Google, Go to… He is NOT about change.

  2. Flora Steele says:

    There are quite a few comments on the string below including some other witnesses supporting the same or similar incidents.

  3. Bacalove says:

    This so-called Tip is just more of the Clinton’s dirty tricks to make Obama look as low as they are with this Union Lawsuit to block voters from voting at place of work citing teachers also should vote at their workplace. However, Teachers to NOT WORK on Saturday Night!

  4. Bacalove

    If the stories are ture about the Culinary Union, they should be looked into. It works both ways.