Too Funny: Welcome to Hill-Force One (VIDEO)

In the midst of a tough and tight campaign season, I love seeing that our candidates have a sense of humor and mix it up with the traveling press like Hillary Clinton did today:

ABC’s Political Radar reports, “Senator Hillary Clinton marked her second trip aboard a campaign plan packed with reporters by getting on the intercom and impersonating a flight attendant.”

Welcome to Hill-Force One,” Clinton said. “FAA regulations prohibit the use of any cell phones, blackberries and/or wireless devices that may be used to transmit a negative story about me.”

“Now in a few minutes,” she continued, “I am going to switch off the fasten your seatbelt sign, however, I’ve learned lately that things can get oftly bumpy when you least expect it, so you might want to keep those seatbelts fastened.”

“In the event of an unexpected drop in poll numbers, this plane will be diverted to New Hampshire.”

“If you look out to the right, you will see an America saddled with tax cuts for the wealthiest and a war without end. If you look out to the left, you will see an America with a strong middle class at home and a strong reputation in the world.”

“Once we have reached cruising altitude we will be offering in flight entertainment, my stump speech, in its many variations.”

“Once again, thank you for joining us on Hill-Force One. We know you have choices when you fly, and so we are grateful that you chose the plane with the most experienced candidate. Thank you all, have a great flight.”

I think all of the candidates need to reach out and show their warm, funny and human side more often. Kudos to Hillary Clinton for the laugh! Where’s the YouTube video when you need it?

UPDATE: Video above…

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