Yes She Can!

Late yesterday afternoon I received an email from the Clinton campaign about attending an event here with Hillary Clinton in the San Fernando Valley (Northridge). Having missed the last event here in SoCal, I welcomed the opportunity to attend, because as I have said here many times, I am particularly … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday! My favorite day of the week. I get to be the center of attention. I get to sing all night. I get entertained by sobriety-challenged singers. AND…I get paid for the privilege! Yes, I have a semi-charmed life. Just to give you an idea of what I … Continue reading

Spouting Change to Stay the Same

All of the presidential candidates are spouting “CHANGE” as their “catch-word of the day.” Change the health care system. Change the economy. Change the corporate hold on middle-class Americans. The only thing they’re not relying upon to get votes is spare change. A multi-million dollar campaign needs corporate investment—the kind … Continue reading

Hillary Talks Economy

As an only parent with a struggling small business I’m one of those Americans who’s worried about the economy. In truth, I’ve had concerns about the economy for years now. I’ve watched small businesses like my own struggling under the Bush administration for years and now, the sh*t has truly … Continue reading