Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday! My favorite day of the week. I get to be the center of attention. I get to sing all night. I get entertained by sobriety-challenged singers. AND…I get paid for the privilege! Yes, I have a semi-charmed life.

Just to give you an idea of what I have to deal with, when I’m working, I dug up this youtube: Flaming Lips singing karaoke songs with a puppet (Note: I have heard much, much worse and that’s by people who take their karaoke entirely too seriously!)

Some folks have mentioned how the Round-Up has been such a downer recently and I have to say that I agree. So, today’s Round-up will have some serious newsworthy stuff, but I’ve thrown in some fluff that I’m sure will bring a smile to somebody’s face. If not, come back tomorrow…

Onward and upward, I always say. Please suppress your emotional outbursts until you get to the end of today’s Ten Post Round-Up:

1: So a Republican has been charged with “promoting terrorism”…Before you start gloating, you might want to reconsider the facts in evidence at this time…

Former Republican Lawmaker Charged With Promoting TerrorismCut to the Chase

2: US: Cluster bombs, Schluster bombs…

US insists cluster bombs not bad if used rightSigns of the Times

3: Bill O’Reilly doesn’t believe there are troops living on the streets (maybe some of them need to go camp out in O’Reilly’s front yard)…

O’Reilly Downplays Number of Homeless VeteransThe Huffington Post

4: Which Democratic candidate will be best for our nation?

The Survivor, The Meteor, and the ChampionThe Democratic Daily

5: Olberman knocks my socks off with his nightly Countdown, but who knew that he’s a bigger man on campus than I originally suspected?

Fox & Friends: Keith Olbermann Runs MSNBC!Crooks and Liars

6: The ACLU comes to the rescue of a Congressman caught up in a sex scandal and Fox Snoozes…

A Congressman, the ACLU and Sex? Calling Neil Cavuto…News Hounds

7: A 200-plus year old time capsule discovered in Mexico City…

Researchers Find Old Mexico Time Capsulemail.com

8: Whose death would make you feel the saddest?

Sadness PollThe J-Walk Blog

9: An oldie, but a funny…

New from Apple: The iRackAMERICAblog

10: Who needs Brittany, when we have Tom to bring the crazy?

The Tom Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientologists Don’t Want You To SeeDefamer

Set your phasers to “stun” folks, cuz for now, Dizzy is done!

And, hey, don’t let Xenu get in the way of you making it a great day!


(I will force my ethics on you and you will like it…)

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