Edwards Rips the Media in New Ad

From Crooks and Liars:

God love him, John Edwards smacks the media who insist on making the Democratic presidential race a two person one and treating him as if he doesn’t exist:

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4 Responses to Edwards Rips the Media in New Ad

  1. Former Senator Edward’s has not won a single primary to date. If he get’s lucky, he may win his native state, South Carolina. He has consistently fininshed far behind Senators Clinton and Obama. His main message continues to be that he is the son of a millright and grew up in a southern rural setting. Enough, already!!
    If Edwards truly desires change, then he needs to gracefully bow out of the race now. Then he should throw his campaign and financial support to the Obama camp. When will he accept reality and smell the roses. This is a two person race. His persistence in remaining in the campaign will rob Senator Obama of extra support and enhance the continuation of the Bush/Clinton two family monarchy!! If he sincerely wants to ring out the old and ring in the new, he should withdraw as soon as possible. Thus the majority of American will view him as a hero. Does Bill Clinton deserve a quasi third term as president? Let us forever retire the Clinton era soap opera and turn to a youthful, articulate candidate like Barack Obama. I feel certain that if Edwards follows this nobel course, he will be rewarded with a cabinet position when Senator Obama is sworn in as our 44th president!!!! Buzz

  2. Buzz

    I think all of the candidates have to make their own choices about staying in this race and Edwards is polling higher in recent days. Each would be fine presidents and none should be discounted.

  3. Jim Lucas says:

    I’m a long-retired high school teacher in California. I’ve been watching closely
    the primaries in both parties, but more intensely in the Democratic debates.
    It amazed me to see CNN, and others, ignore John Edwards in the past
    few weeks. One of the things the Democrats are great at doing is select-
    ing a candidate that is NOT electable. Both Hilary Clinton and Obama carry
    baggage, e.g. first woman, first black man. John Edwards is electable and
    he gets my vote and hopefully enough delegates to be our candidate in
    Nov. 2008.