For The Record

Note to readers:

I wanted to follow up on my post below endorsing Hillary Clinton and go on record, that my endorsement of Hillary Clinton is my personal endorsement and not to be construed as the opinion of the other writers here at The Dem Daily. In fact, I sent out an email today to all of our writers and asked that each writer feel free to also endorse the candidate of their choice here. I hope each of our writers will chime in with there preferences.

I also want to assure readers that I will continue to cover other news besides the ’08 election and regardless of my decision differing with the decision made by a certain Senator who was the impetous and inspiration for this blog, I will still continue to write about the good works of John Kerry in the Senate. And it should go with out saying, but I will, John Kerry has my endorsement in his Senate re-election campaign.

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4 Responses to For The Record

  1. Lou says:


    If you still support Senator Kerry, will you condemn Taylor Marsh for her willingness to smear John Kerry in order to smear Obama?

    Will you distance yourself from the lies being pushed against both men?

  2. Lou

    I think everyone needs to take a deep breath because this primary season will be over in a few short weeks and we will all need to come together to support the nominee. That is something that Senator Kerry understands, as do I.

  3. Lou says:

    I take that as a no.

  4. Lou

    I would suggest that you not come here making assumptions.