Clinton Wins Nevada Caucuses

All of the major news outlets have called the Democratic Nevada caucuses for Hillary Clinton.  Romney took the win in the Republican caucuses.

CBS News entrance polls shoed that “nearly half of Democratic caucus-goers said the economy was their most important issue, while one in four cited health care and 22 percent cited the Iraq war.”  

Twenty-nine percent of Democratic voters said they were members of a union household. Fourty-three percent of union voters said they favored Clinton, while 42 percent favored Obama and 11 percent favored Edwards.

Again today in Nevada we saw the support of younger voters going to Obama, “while Clinton won among older voters.”

Voters under age 45 broke for Obama over Clinton 48 percent to 34 percent, while those over 45 chose Clinton over Obama 54 percent to 33 percent.

More than half of women said backed Clinton in today’s caucuses, while men were more divided in their support, with 43 percent supporting Clinton and 42 percent supporting Obama.

Hispanics made up 14 percent of Democratic caucus-goers in Nevada today, and they overwhelmingly supported Clinton. She got 64 percent support from Hispanics, while Obama got 24 percent and Edwards got 9 percent.

“This was a nice win for Clinton in a contest that was complex and difficult to figure out going in,” said Senior Political Editor Vaughn Ververs.

Ververs also noted that “Clinton has to be especially heartened at her success among Hispanic voters, a key block in some of the upcoming Super Tuesday states. For John Edwards, finishing in the low single-digits among delegates selected was a devastating blow to his hopes after polls indicated he would be competative.”

Joan Walsh noted on Salon that inspite of the controversy over the “at-large” caucuses on the strip, the caucus inside the Paris, which was the location of reported intimidation by union members, went big for Hillary.  

Having just jumped on the Hillary train myself the other night, I’m excited about this win. Listening to Clinton speak at an economic townhall on Thursday she displayed a confident grasp on the bleak economic outlook for our country and she truly came across as a candidate who is listening to the voters on this issue. As the CBS entrance polls showed today, the economy was the number issue for voters.

UPDATE: Clinton on Nevada Win…

See Memeorandum for all the discussion on today’s Nevada caucus.

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4 Responses to Clinton Wins Nevada Caucuses

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    So Clinton got the majority of women, who are the majority of the population. She also got the majority of older voters, who are the majority of voters.

    Majorities of majorities, I think, will always be a winning combination.

    (Personally, I would still like to see this thing get to the Convention with no one having a majority.)

  2. alrudder says:

    I just spoke to a friend of mine in Vegas who said that Bill Clinton’s presence this morning at the casinos, telling people to stay strong in the face of peer pressure, won two caucus sites.
    The voter intimidation factor was a key issue, some commentators on this blog pooh poohed the idea. Kudos to the DD for being one of the first outlets to sound the alarm. The Daily Kos linked to this on Thursday.

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