Organizing Matters: Learning Lessons From Hillary’s Ground Game in Nevada

If you’re your curious about what it takes to pull off a win as Hillary Clinton did in a heavily contested state like Nevada, go read Zach Exley on the HuffPo. Zach’s got an impressive resume and knows a little about the game. His post provides some insight into Hillary Clinton’s field campaign in Nevada, which was led by State Director Robby Mook and field director Marlon Marshall. Exley notes that the two “turned out to be an incredible example of passionate, yet cool-headed management and results-focused organizing.”

Every single night, for almost one year up until today, in the modest Las Vegas offices of the Clinton campaign, young, exhausted organizers have reliably reported the results of their hard days’ work to a regional field director in incredible detail. Every night, without fail.

For the mainstream news media, a few seconds of “tears” or a last minute robo call will always trump the story of a year of meticulous organizing by disciplined armies of young campaign staff and volunteers. Though it’s difficult to report comprehensively on scattered and closed-mouthed presidential field operations, there are reasons to believe that high-quality field organizing has been decisive in the first contests of 2008. This week in Nevada, Obama had a surge in the polls and an endorsement from the powerful Culinary Workers union on his side. Meticulous organizing and good management by the local Clinton Nevada staff have made the difference.

Read the whole post because it provides wonderful background and insight on these amazing, hardworking and dedicated campaign staffers who work the ground and perform the magic that is the win on primary day for the candidate.

Veteran field director Michael Whouley did the stuff in New Hampshire for Clinton, but as Zach explains there’s a whole new crop of ground geniuses being utilized by the three front-runners in the Democratic party and if we’re lucky they will help shape the general election.

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