The Dem Debate: Ouch… Elbows Flying

Obama and Clinton went at it in the debate tonight. There were elbows flying and I think there may have been some knee-capping. I had missed the beginning of the debate, but saw the clip below for the first time during the break. I’ve watched the clip again and read the transcript a couple of times and clearly Barack Obama is no match for Hillary:

Clinton said tonight in the exchange, “We’re just getting warmed up.

And I’m reflecting on that and wondering can he really go toe to toe with whoever the Republican nominee is? I don’t think so. This primary race is getting down and dirty, but the fact is when we get to the general election we will need someone who can hold their own (and I am not alone in that thought tonight):

Part of the exchange in the first video was about the controversy over what Obama said last week about Ronald Reagan, in an interview. His remarks didn’t play too well with fellow Democrats. Jeralyn parsed out this part of the disagreement and called it “Point Hillary.”

 And speaking of “point Hillary” there was no disputing once again tonight that’s she’s got a solid command of the issues and policies. Like healthcare:

Thank goodness things mellowed out after a while in tonight’s debate… with all those elbows flying, someone could have gotten hurt.

Chuck Todd notes, Obama “seemed to have a lot he wanted to get off his chest” tonight. Matt Stoller is good for a laugh on tonight’s “vicious” debate. Joe Gandelman has an extensive round-up of media and blogs on the debate and as always see Memeorandum for all the buzz. Needless to say, not everyone agrees on who the winner was tonight.

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6 Responses to The Dem Debate: Ouch… Elbows Flying

  1. ironxl84 says:

    Simple Conclusion?

    Barack “Talks the talk”, but doesn’t “Walk the walk”.

    He is so cocksure of himself – that he has chosen to mentally circumnavigate himself past the Party nomination – and has begun courting Republican voters.

    Not so fast there fella!

    You just might be experiencing delusions of grandeur.


  2. Daniel Bruno says:

    Since when is confidence a bad thing? Yes, Obama has the swagger to run the country, but he can also back it up. And he will.

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  4. alrudder says:

    I thought the debate was deplorable. Edwards was the conscience of the debate. I think the media will portray this black man – white woman argument like a high class Jerry Springer Show.

  5. alrudder

    “high class Jerry Springer Show” — that’s one good way to sum it up. The primaries can’t be over soon enough in my book – if this race goes to the convention floor undecided we could be in for a nasty, nasty floor fight.

  6. I agree with you on one thing, the debate was deplorable. The more important question, however, is why why was it deplorable.
    The evidence is clear. When Hillary say’s that Obama has gone on record praysing Republican ideas, it’s a lie. When Hillary states as fact that Barack is praysing Regan as one of our best presidents, its a lie. When Hillary equates his 100 “present” votes as opposed to the 4000 bills on which he did vote while in the state legislature, it is a distortion of the truth. Obama tried to explain but was reapeatedly interrupted. When she makes misleading statements that Obama does not give a dam about sexual predators, it’s a lie. It is Hillary, and the other half of her tag team, Bill, who are responsible for this turning into a campaign of character assassination. What is Obama suppose to do during these debates, keep his mouth closed and not defend himsel?. Senaor Kerry in 2004 at first ignored Bush’s “swift boat” fabrications. When Kerry hesitated in defending himself he was viewed as weak. By the time he began to take the offense, it was too late. President Clinton has seriously harmed his legacy by going after Obama is such a shameless, vengeful manner. I think the bottom line with the Clinton’s is “the end always justifies the means.”
    Then Senator Edward’s to come off as being so self rightious by saying to them, stop fighting and let’s talk about the issues. This is very easy for Edward’s to say because he is not the person being attacled. He would respond in a like manner if the Clinton’s were on his case. They are not coming after him because he has been a distant 3rd in all the results so far. You can bet your bottom dollar that he would be getting the very same treatment if Hillary viewed him as a threat.
    Hillary said the other day that Obama is becoming frustrated. Correct, he is frustrated because of the way your operatives have spun the truth. No Hillary it is you who is frustrated. The “two for one team” thought the convention would just be a coronation of Queen Hillary. However from out of left field came a young, articulate, well knowledged, and charismatic man named Barack Obama. And what was even worse was that he was black. After all, Bill is suppose to be the first black US president. Frustration builds as they see the possibility of losing some of the black vote, which is suppose to be theirs for the asking. Frustration builds as she sees that her “birth right” to be president might be weakened. So what does she do? You are correct, attack her chief rival on non-issues.
    I am so proud that Barack has had the courage to eloquently defend himself. Yes, Barack you do have “The Audacity of Hope”, unfortunately Senator Clinton only seems to have audacity!!