Top Issues?

With all of the talk about the economy being in the toilet, I was surprised earlier today when I read that Barack Obama to South Carolina’s The State what the “three most important issues of his administration” would be: 

No. 1 would be the war in Iraq, and Obama said he would conduct a phased withdrawal that’s “as careful getting out as we were reckless getting in.”

The No. 2 issue would be health care.

The No. 3 issue would be an energy plan that seeks conservation, new technology to reduce greenhouse gases and energy independence.

I can’t help but wonder if Obama is paying attention to what the national opinion is these days on the most important issues. Near as I can see, Obama doesn’t get that it’s “still the economy” and he’s running in the red on the issue.  

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2 Responses to Top Issues?

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    Maybe he’s thinking that even an idiot would have a program for the economy in place before the next President needs to confront the economic meltdown that’s speeding towards us. Little does he seem to realize that the idiot presently in charge is incapable of helping to improve even this crisis.

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