Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Excuse the lateness of my blogging.  Mother Nature is kicking my behind and I decided that I needed to just curl up for a few days until the butt-kicking subsided.

I have been ill, but I haven’t been completely out of the loop.  It’s looking a lot like the world is in free-fall, financially, and the presidential campaigns are heating up in preparation for the “big game”, also known as “Super Tuesday”, on February 5th.  The financial slide is easy to call, but the primaries…not so much.

I think I’ll start today’s Round-Up with something for your funny bone.  Let’s start off with our morning dose of youtubery: “How To Seduce Women” Paul Rudd and David Wain (Warning: likely NSFW)

Now, let’s see if I can seduce your gray matter with today’s Ten Post Round-Up:

1: This first post is a doozy, so I recommend that you step away from your morning cuppa before proceeding to the link…

When Mary met Jesus: Tales from the Christian Dating SceneJesus’ General

2: Has Dr. King’s “Dream” become a nightmare?

On The Day We Celebrate King’s Birthday, What Would He Think of Racial America Today?Cut to the Chase

3: “Roe” of “Roe v. Wade” endorses Ron Paul…

Roe v. Wade Advocate For Abortion Rights To Endorse Ron PaulPolitical Radar

4: 363: Number of days ’til the end of an error…

One More YearOperation Yellow Elephant

5: Yeah…I’m mad as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks…

Are You A Fed Up Female?The Democratic Daily

6: “It’s good t’be the king”…

King RichardScatablog

7: Fox News + global market crashing = La La Land…

Fox Business News Tells the World to Go to Hell (Unless They’re Bailing Our Companies Out)News Hounds

8: Speaking of our “wonderful” economy…

Yahoo To Lay Off Hundreds Of JobsThe Huffington Post

9: Must see television?

Sensory Deprivation On TVJ-Walk Blog

10: One of the few things SSG Dizzy will get to see in real-time…

Perfect Patriots, improbable Giants headed to Arizona for Super BowlAnything Goes & General News

Alright, I am crawling back into my sick bed. Mother Nature is not quite done with me…

So, go out and make it a great day…for me…pretty please?


(Make it stop…)

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