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Last night in the Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton brought up her early work for children and poverty and referenced her job at the Children’s Defense Fund. Read: Clinton draws on New Bedford lessons.

Also referenced in last night’s debate was Barack Obama’s ties to Tony Rezko. Read more here.

Hillary Clinton is planning beyond South Carolina. She received the endorsement of the United Farm Workers today and a couple of California state politicians.

Obama is catching on about the economy, but he’ll need to do more convincing because so far “his vision has resonated more with higher-income voters” as opposed to Hillary Clinton who has done “better with lower-income voters and those worried about the economy.” In my opinion, that’s because Clinton has the experience and she has the messaging down.

All this bad news on the ecomony means it’s time for an economic pep talk. It’s time for folks to put a brake on their spending so their can make it through the BushCo recession.

Big Tent Democrat has a piece from the “Pols Do Not Always Tell The Truth Dep’t.” And Eric Boehlert is happy to say, Chris Matthews never saw it coming.

As I noted here earlier, Fred bailed and word has it that Huck is broke and they’ll be no paychecks for some staffers. Giuliani is struggling too. It could be down to McCain and Romney soon.

Per Skippy… there was a flame war at Digby’s place, she closed down the comments and everyone will need to blog whore over at C&L. I’ve noticed this primary season is really starting to bring out the tensions among not just the candidates but participants in the wild and wooly internet[s].

Speaking of the internet[s], did you hear about the emails Dick deleted? He’s so reckless.

Hopefully, Dizzy Dezzi will be feeling better in the morning and she’ll have her round-up of great links to add to these. Sweet dreams…

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