So Sad: Heath Ledger Dead at 28


Actor Heath Ledger was found dead in a Manhattan apartment this afternoon. He was 28. The cause of death is still unknown but there is speculation of either a drug overdose or suicide, though there was no note to be found.

Ledger had just finished playing the villain The Joker in “The Dark Knight,” the latest installment in the Batman series. The film is to open in July.

Ledger was born in Perth, Australia, and named Heathcliff Andrew after the main characters of Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights.” He began acting at a local theater as a child.

Ledger was nominated for an Oscar for “his 2005 portrayal of Ennis Del Mar in “Brokeback Mountain,” about two cowboys who had a secret romantic relationship.”

I felt that choices were being made for me, so I feel this has been my time now to find the good stories and test myself,” Ledger told the Glasgow Herald in the 2005 interview. “It has been an interesting year, where I finally have a sense of accomplishment.”

Heath Ledger leaves behind a daughter, Matilda Rose, born in 2005. The N.Y. Times has more here and here. So sad

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